Calibrated for Accountants

CMap is beautiful, end-to-end cloud practice management software for today's forward-thinking accounting practices.

  • Fully cloud hosted
  • WIP, write-offs and billing
  • Real-time reporting
  • Integrated CRM

See how CMap has been specifically designed for accountants through our dedicated page:

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"We can see at a glance key performance indicators including margin, recovery rate, WIP and overruns... CMap is incredibly user-friendly, has a powerful reporting tool built-in and provides an accompanying phone app.”

Phil Ruelle, Chief Digital Officer, BDO Jersey

"It's vital that we deliver the best service to our clients, and CMap helps us do that. We're able to manage what we're doing - and how well we're doing it - without having to resort to using lots of spreadsheets."

Andy Baggott, Managing Partner, Clarke Nicklin