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Get Atvero free for the rest of 2023

Save priceless time and reduce project risks with the industry’s first cloud-based document, drawing and email management system built on SharePoint  

Trusted by leading AEC firms to deliver over 10,000 successful projects, Atvero is the gatekeeper that ensures your documents are always correctly named, reviewed, and version controlled 

And with a bi-directional integration with CMap, you can ensure your project and contact details sync in real time across the two systems, giving you a single version of the truth

Interested? CMap customers get Atvero free until the end of 2023, when you sign up to a contract through to the end of 2024.

Making sure every project is a success story

Everything in one place

Manage and access all project information in one single SharePoint-based platform, anywhere, anytime, across any device

AEC focused workflows

Adopt AEC best practice with automatic issue registers, transmittals with full audit trails, and Revit integration

Quality assured

Guarantee compliance with ISO 19650 or your company’s custom standards enforced across all documents

“Atvero has forced us to generate systems – setting out drawings and documents in a systematic way, which in turns defines the drawing list and our output schedule. Everybody knows the drawing names they are working with. An unbelievable benefit.”
Toby Adam – Director, Gaunt Francis Architects

What is Atvero?

Atvero is a cloud-based document and drawing management software built on Microsoft 365 for architects and engineers.

By adding AEC standardisations to SharePoint and Teams, Atvero helps architects and engineers leverage their Microsoft 365 subscriptions to deliver quality projects.

Learn how Atvero can deliver value to your business

Easy-to-use and quick to implement, Atvero will help your firm revolutionize document control workflows, paving the way for project and business success
Auditability: Ensure quality control and reduce project risk
Visibility: Access all information in one source of truth
Communication: Seamlessly retrieve information from email correspondence

Book an Atvero demo

Select a time to schedule an initial 15-min chat to help us better understand your challenges and goals. Then, one of our Atvero experts will prepare a custom demo tailored to your needs
Seamlessly access all project information in one SharePoint based platform
Streamline document and drawing management workflows
Maintain compliance, control project quality, and reduce risks in delivery
CMap customers who sign up to Atvero in 2023 through to December 2024,
will get Atvero free for the rest of 2023

Trusted by architects & engineers of all sizes


How does the offer work?

CMap customers who sign up to Atvero in 2023 through to December 2024, will get Atvero free for the rest of 2023.

Why should we use Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to manage document, drawings, and project deliverables?

The 365 Cloud environment provides in-built security based on the Microsoft Office 365 platform. It will allow you to scale with a platform that is readily available across the globe. Software updates enables you to continue to take advantage of the fantastic enhancements that are made to the product and support you as your organisation continues to scale, grow and evolve.

Can our data from other systems be migrated into Atvero?

If you are planning to switch to using Atvero from previous document control systems, we provide migration services to to help you make a smooth transition without losing access to your valuable years’ worth of data.

How long does it take to install and set-up Atvero?

Atvero can be installed in under an hour. However, the process of setting up projects in Atvero can vary from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of your organisation and project.

Is Atvero a Common Data Environment (CDE)?

No. A CDE is about collaboration sharing tool, whereas Atvero is really focused on you, your organisation, and your documents. Atvero has the ability for you to share documents and receive documents from an external organisation (clients, suppliers, etc.), but those organisations will not be accessing your own Atvero site or MS SharePoint environment.