New Beta Access Process

A simpler Beta process for Seasonal Releases

  • New admin tool
  • Automatic beta access

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Why Beta is changing

CMap Beta enables certain individuals to gain early access to the Seasonal Release's upgrades, before they're launched into the live product. This has enabled CMap customers to be better prepared than ever for the changes and to take advantage of the new functionality.

Access to Beta has been controlled via a login to a completely separate "Beta environment". Whilst this gave a high level of control, we felt that this introduced friction to the process and we've been keen to address it.

Moving forward, Beta will be accessed in the live environment you use every day. This means there'll be no more logging in-and-out of different environments of CMap.

In order to retain control, this means we need to introduce a way for you to manage which of your users you'd like to permit Beta access to.

Which brings us on to...

New "Beta Access" admin tool

In the Admin tab, you'll find a new "Beta Access" admin tool (N.B. You will only see the tool if your Security Group has permission to access it, so please review your Security Groups first).

The "Beta Access" tool enables you to manage a list of approved Beta users, who will automatically receive access to Beta when the Beta period is open.

Ahead of the upcoming Beta period for the CMap Winter 2021 Release — more news on that soon! — it's important that you use this tool to add the relevant user(s) in your company to be part of the Beta group.

It's as simple as that.

Click here to view the "Beta Access" admin tool knowledge base guide

Automatic Beta access

Beta will continue to work in the same way timing-wise, with the Beta period open during the 2-weeks prior to the Seasonal Release launch date.

The key difference will be that your approved Beta users will automatically gain access to CMap Beta when the period opens.

Access to Beta will continue until the period closes just before the Seasonal Release launch date.

What do I need to do?

Here's a handy checklist:

  1. Ensure the relevant Security Group(s) have access to the "Beta Access" admin tool
  2. Use the "Beta Access" admin tool to add the relevant user(s)
  3. Sit back and await the opening of the Beta period