"I would definitely recommend CMap. It has delivered every capability we were looking for, and it works like a dream."

India Cummins, Studio Manager


Bell Phillips Architects leverages CMap to increase staff efficiency while gaining greater visibility into the practice's profitability.


Established in 2004, Bell Phillips Architects has demonstrated a strong track record of high-quality design through high-profile competition wins, awards, and features in publications and exhibitions. Still, its approach is grounded in a fundamental understanding of technical, financial, and practical issues. This ensures that the practice's designs are viable and deliverable.

To manage the business, Bell Phillips previously implemented a project management solution, which didn't give the practice the business management capabilities it needed to succeed and grow. Adoption was low; staff found the system difficult to use and engage with, and as a result, they continued to rely on a range of spreadsheets and off-system reporting.

“We needed an easy-to-use solution that would provide us with more financial data, a timesheet function, the ability to analyze the profitability of projects, and a means to better manage our many sub-consultants.”

The practice also aspired to have its team of architects gain more awareness and ownership of project performance. Without that awareness, architects could easily overshoot the project budget and jeopardize the profitability of the project.

"When we were on our search for a solution, a couple of other architectural practices recommended CMap to us. We reached out to the CMap team, and they did a demonstration for us. We were very impressed. It was immediately apparent that CMap was what we were looking for."

India Cummins, Studio Manager of Bell Phillips

Joined CMap in 2020

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CMap is a business management tool that assists professional service organizations in winning more work and delivering it more profitably. The AEC edition has been specifically tailored for the needs of architects and engineers, as well as their consultants. The software replaces inconvenient spreadsheets and disparate software tools, and instead allows businesses access to all of their data and capabilities through a single, unified system.

Additionally, India is pleased with CMap's customer support and product development efforts. "It's the little things that matter, when we need something tweaked or desire new functionality, CMap is right there to handle it. Everything we've asked for has been implemented.

"We use CMap and its customized dashboards for so much, including HR functions like completing timesheets and booking time off.

But we really get a huge benefit out of CMap's powerful reporting capabilities, which allows us to keep track of expenses for each project. I particularly appreciate being able to report just on the expenses from our third-party sub-consultants."

India Cummins, Studio Manager of Bell Phillips


Since adopting CMap throughout the practice, Bell Phillips has enjoyed the following benefits:

Effective Resourcing - "Matching resources to the work we have is absolutely crucial," said India. "By looking at CMap's resourcing schedule and staff availability reports, we can run a tight ship."

Greater Visibility - "We used to be working completely blind," said India. "Now, with CMap, we know exactly what the rest of the year is going to look like as we process through our financial year. That's because we can see the profitability of projects as we go along."

Increased Efficiency - “CMap is a great tool for training staff to be more efficient," said India. "Our architects are now very conscious that if they've done three weeks' worth of work and they're only approved for two weeks, they have a problem. It's very obvious for them - it's right there in front of them on the screen."

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