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  • Budget vs Actuals
  • Timeline Gantt Charts
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  • MS Teams Integration

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Financially Prudent Project Management Software

Standalone project management systems help get the job done, but, since they usually lack financial data, they fall short of helping you to get the job done and make a profit.

CMap’s project management functionality is fully to the other core elements of PSA: fee data, timesheet data, expenses data, resourcing & people data, WIP, revenue & invoicing data,—and more—giving your consultancy the full picture and enabling you to make better business decisions.

CMap budget v actual dashboard

Live Budget vs Actuals

As the industry shifts to doing more fixed-price work, you can be confident that CMap is there to support you.

Timesheet & expenses data drives live Budget vs Actuals—giving you real-time feedback on your project's performance vs the plan.

This empowers you to take action to correct the course of projects heading for over delivery before it’s too late, ensuring more of your projects achieve the profits you deserve.

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CMap story so far

Predict the Future

CMap’s project “Story So Far” takes real-time data and paints a vivid picture of where you are right now... and where you’ll be in the future.

The Story So Far gets you up to speed and puts you on the front foot to make the right calls at the right time.

With options to view using "recovery rate" (a popular approach for fixed-price work) or using more traditional "margin"-based views, the Story So Far becomes one of your key decision-making tools.

CMap activities

Project Timelines

The deliverables you set up in CMap’s innovative “Fee Estimator” job costing tool—in-built into the CRM and opening up an unparalleled view of holistic resource capacity vs. demand reporting—automatically flow through to an intuitive project Gantt chart tool.

What’s more, similar services that you deliver over and over can be templated, ready to be re-used in the future, saving your busy people valuable time and establishing consistency.

CMap my activities

Project Task Management

CMap’s activities functionality is far from limited to CRM use cases e.g. notes of meetings, sales follow-up prompts, etc.

Project task management use cases are highly popular, helping to ensure projects stay on track and nothing falls through the cracks.

Packed-full of useful tools to help you create, delegate and track milestones, deadlines—and more—you can be confident that CMap has the functionality you need to deliver outstanding projects.

Microsoft Teams Integration

With CMap’s MS Teams Add-on enabled, project teams/channels are automatically created in MS Teams ready for your teams to communicate and collaborate.

Taking things a step further with the CMap Documents Add-on, and CMap can create folder structures in MS —which are ultimately stored in SharePoint—enabling you to access and control files in 3 places (1) within the CMap project itself (2) within the project team/channel in MS Teams (3) in the project's SharePoint folder.

"CMap has just what firms like ours need. From timesheet and expense entry all the way to data analytics capabilities, CMap delivers for the project manager who looks at utilization as well as the C-suite executive who looks at profitability."

Waqar Hussain, Finance Director of Peru Consulting

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