Fraser Moore joins CMap as Head of Consulting

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Ellen Darbyshire
Jun 25, 2023
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We’re delighted to welcome Fraser Moore to CMap as Head of Consulting. Fraser brings over 30 years of experience as a business leader in the consulting sector, with an impressive track record of transforming and scaling boutique consulting firms through his determination to drive operational excellence and deliver sustainable growth & value.    

As one of the first ever CMap consulting clients, and a client-side voice in its early design, Fraser is uniquely qualified to leverage his extensive experience to help our clients get the most out of our industry-leading software, further developing our presence in the consulting market. 

“It is a pleasure to now be directly involved with CMap, a fantastic SaaS business that I have known and been a happy customer of for the last 15 years,” said Fraser. “My long-time passion has been to build successful consulting businesses that truly want to help their customers with things that they find most difficult. 

This means putting yourself at the service of your customers, challenging their thinking, and bringing new perspectives and approaches to how they can tackle their problems and achieve their strategic objectives.   

I hope to be able to translate this ethos to CMap’s customers and bring my experience to bear in helping them execute on their strategies—whether that be in growing, scaling or optimizing their business—by leveraging the operational power and rigour of the CMap platform to underpin their pathway to success.” 

We spoke with Fraser to find out a little bit more about the journey that led him to CMap.

Can you tell us more about some of your previous experiences in the consulting world?

Before joining CMap, I was the COO of State of Matter, a 40-person digital transformation consulting firm now ranked as one the top 50 ANZ firms by In my four and a half years there, we transformed from a predominantly resource augmentation model into a successful consulting business. We adopted a less traditional, semi-Teal approach so that our consultants felt empowered to take control of their own development and be braver in the work they undertook with their clients.  

I’ve enjoyed a variety of roles and projects prior to this, including running two business lines for Tribal Group; leading an organizational change program to transform Royal Mail’s technology function; starting up sourcing advisory consulting firm Burnt Oak Partners; and serving as the Operations Director of European sourcing advisory Morgan Chambers.  

How have you used CMap in the past?

I’ve implemented CMap’s consulting software in three different consulting businesses over the last 15 years. Despite all three companies being at very different stages in their growth cycle, it’s proven to be the foundational underpinning of success by providing an integrated, end-to-end platform on which we were able to efficiently operate our core operational processes.

I implemented CMap for the first time at Morgan Chambers, which had become a very geographically siloed business, to provide a centralized, integrated operational platform. This drove operational rigour and hygiene to improve performance in key areas such as sales pipeline management, resource management & utilization, project financial management, and financial reporting. This really helped to generate a leadership focus on revenue growth, project profitability, and EBITDA growth, which ultimately led us to a position whereby we attracted a US buyer in Equaterra.

I also implemented CMap at an early stage at State of Matter, which really helped us to establish our core processes and allowed us to forecast and measure our performance across key metrics, ensuring we remained focused and on track in achieving our growth goals. Additionally, implementing CMap in both Burnt Oak Partners and Royal Mail made a huge impact in supporting business operations and managing internal IT projects respectively.

What led you to joining CMap?

I’ve known the CMap team from the very early days of first implementing it at Morgan Chambers, where I had the opportunity to help shape the architecture of the platform to best suit the needs of a consulting business.  

I’m a believer in investing in technology as a strategic enabler, and PSA solutions such as CMap are crucial in supporting the development and maturity of consulting firms, enabling them to grow and perform at the highest level. By providing a platform on which to build frictionless front to back office processes, it removes the worry of administrative tasks from consultants as they become easy and engrained in the fabric of what they do every day. The level of visibility it provides shines a light on performance that consulting leaders can use to understand what’s working well and what isn’t, driving joint accountability for performance improvement within their teams.  

Joining the CMap team enables me to take this knowledge and experience out to a greater audience in the market: CMap’s current and future prospective clients. By helping them leverage the power of technology in an optimized way, I know that I’ll also be helping them take a huge step in achieving their own strategic ambitions.  

What does the future of CMap look like in Consulting?

I’m extremely excited for the growth potential of CMap in the consulting sector. The PSA market is growing rapidly as the industry better understands how this kind of enabling technology can help businesses underpin their core processes and allow them operate efficiently, cohesively, and collaboratively.

Having just launched CMap’s Consulting edition into the US market, we’re confident we can quickly gain traction and expand our client based exponentially in both the UK and US over the next couple of years.

Beyond that? Who knows at this stage—but we do know from our international clients who have operations across countries outside of the UK that there is scope for further massive growth potential to support boutique consulting firms all around the world. It’s very exciting to be part of that growth journey in a sector that will continue reshape itself in the years to come.

Fraser was one of our first clients in the very early days of CMap, and watching him transform the performance of that business over the following two years was the best education we could have hoped for in how to run a really successful consulting firm. Fraser has repeatedly driven the operational success of several different organizations over the following years, so I’m delighted to have someone of his experience and track record as part of the CMap team. The consulting market is of huge strategic importance to CMap at this stage as we expand into the US. Fraser will be invaluable in guiding the future of our consulting product as we strive to help consulting firms across the world build truly outstanding companies.

- Dave Graham, CEO

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