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How BTD Consulting optimized its global operations with CMap's comprehensive and intuitive solutions


BTD Consulting is a boutique management consultancy that specializes in assisting clients with all elements of the mergers and acquisition life cycle. As a firm with team members and clients based in more than thirty countries, BTD Consulting needed an efficient solution to manage its projects and resources. Team members used Zoho as a project management tool, but it was a source of frustration.

“Zoho wasn’t intuitive,” said Carina de Jager, the firm’s practice manager. “It wasn’t intuitive. I found that every time I wanted to do something, the button I was looking for wasn’t where I expected it to be. Then, I’d find the button somewhere and wonder why it was there instead of in a more logical place. It didn’t make sense to me.”

A lack of functionality also made working with Zoho a struggle. 

“It was fine if you just wanted to use it like a telephone book and manage contacts,” said Carina. “But as soon as you tried to do more complicated things with your projects or create reports, it failed.” 

The BTD Consulting team sought a better alternative for its growing business, and their search led them to CMap.

“I went to CMap’s website and watched some of their videos,” said Carina. “CMap seemed to tailor the product quite well to professional services firms, so it felt like a natural fit for us.”


BTD Consulting chose to implement CMap as its new solution. CMap's features offered the consultancy a more comprehensive and intuitive approach to managing its projects, including resource scheduling, budget control, and risk monitoring. The platform's ability to provide real-time visibility into project performance made it an easy choice.

“Having recently partnered with CMap, we’re still getting our heads around using all of the platform’s features,” said Carina. “We selected an implementation package that required us to do most of the heavy lifting. But everything was clearly explained to us, and the CMap implementation support team was very helpful.”

Along the implementation journey, the CMap team kept Carina and her team on track and provided the requested assistance.

“CMap’s Learning Center was a valuable resource full of articles and videos,” said Carina. “If there was something that I was unsure how to do, I could type my question in the search box and find the answers I was looking for. And, when everyone was getting signed up to enter their timesheets and expenses, I simply sent them links to instructional videos that explained everything they needed to know.”

Additionally, CMap’s support team was always available via email in the event that someone needed further assistance. According to Carina, her team requested a lot of guidance in the early days of implementation. After some hand holding, they quickly found the online help they needed and began to rely less on the support team.

“Although we are still new users, we expect to experience huge time savings once we have had a full year to work with CMap,” said Carina. “We’ll soon be able to use the reporting feature to pull out important stats since all of our data will be in one place instead of multiple spreadsheets.”


Smooth Implementation Process: The BTD Consulting team found the onboarding process well-structured and supported by the CMap team thanks to regular communication and helpful reminders that ensured the implementation stayed on track.

Improved Team Adoption: By leveraging CMap's Learning Center, the BTD Consulting team was able to quickly onboard its team members to the new system. The availability of articles, videos, and tutorials enabled the team to learn and adapt to CMap independently and with minimal disruption to their workflow.

Enhanced Resource Management: Although it's still early in their CMap journey, the BTD Consulting team has already started to experience improved resource scheduling and budget control. CMap’s ability to flag potential issues and risks is expected to help BTD Consulting better manage its projects moving forward.

Streamlined Data Management: The transition from Zoho to CMap has resulted in a more intuitive and user-friendly platform for BTD Consulting, reducing the frustrations it previously encountered.

“CMap is is an intuitive tool that allows us to bring all our essential information into one place—and we’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg regarding what we can do with the customizable dashboards.”

- Carina de Jager, Practice Manager

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