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How CF elevates its business to the next level


CF is a boutique, values-driven consultancy dedicated to improving healthcare with its consulting data services and products. The firm supports life sciences organizations with the uptake of innovation, examining access, pathway transformation, and the use of digital and data insights. It also partners with health systems to enhance patient outcomes.

After several years of rapid growth, CF’s leadership team stepped back to assess where the firm was, where they wanted it to go, and how they would get it there.

“Four years ago, we were trying to formalize the infrastructure of the business,” said Joel Lever, CF’s Head of Business Development. “The growth halted, and we entered a period of stagnation. That’s when the leadership team realized they needed to invest in the corporate infrastructure to help grow the business to the next level.”

CF had reached a headcount level where managing resourcing with spreadsheets was inefficient and even stifling the firm’s growth. The fact that CF didn’t require its consultants to submit timesheets was another problem. Clearly, CF needed a better system that was built for that purpose. CMap was the answer.


As a business management tool, CMap helps professional service organizations like CF win more work and deliver it more profitably. The platform replaces problematic spreadsheets and disparate software tools, enabling access to all business data and capabilities through a unified system.

The implementation of CMap helped CF streamline its operations and improve overall efficiency. The transition from spreadsheets to CMap involved inputting historical data and undergoing a significant change management program to familiarize the internal team with the new system.

“We now require our seventy consultants to complete timesheets,” said Joel. “Part of the motivation for this requirement is to help management track chargeable time. It was a huge cultural shift for the organization. However, CMap made the shift easier.”

Now, CMap acts as the central repository for information about the firm's pipeline and resources. Having CMap serve as the single source of truth for this data facilitates knowledge management and makes the resourcing function operate more efficiently. 


Enhanced revenue scheduling: Requiring consultants to submit timesheets has improved visibility into the project pipeline and allowed for better monthly revenue projections.

Improved resourcing: Utilizing timesheets to track time spent on projects has provided CF's management team with a better understanding of workloads, enabling more efficient resource scheduling and preventing overwork.

Defined growth path: While CF is still on its journey toward reaching the next level of growth, the management team continues to explore additional CMap modules to further support its objectives.

“I think as a business, we're now at a stage where the management information that we have is so important to our growth, and I think CMap can help us."

- Joel Lever, Head of Business Development

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