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How CHQ Architects leverages CMap to create accurate invoices while saving time


Based in the United Kingdom, CHQ Architects designs projects in various sectors with a talented mix of architects, interior designers, and 3D visualizers. The company offers its clients a wide field of expertise at all work stages, from feasibility to completion and beyond.

While one team handles the creative side of things, other teams are tasked with handling internal business functions. The team handling the company’s invoicing needed help because their processes were too time- and effort-intensive.

“We were using the firm’s old project-management software, which didn’t enable us to create invoices,” said Christine Lewis, account supervisor at CHQ Architects. “We couldn’t use the software to pull together time recordings and expenses to generate invoices. Instead, we had to do that manually in Microsoft Word. Then, once done, one of our team members would have to input all of those invoices into our accounting system manually.”

CHQ Architects knew it needed to switch to a platform that offered more than just project management functionality. That’s when it found CMap.


CMap is a business management tool that helps architecture and engineering firms win more work and deliver it more profitably. The platform eliminates manual processes and disparate software tools while allowing businesses access to all of their data and capabilities through a single, unified system.

“The most important function for us is CMap’s invoicing capability,” said Christine. “It’s completely changed how we create invoices, and we can create them so much faster than we used to be able to do.”

Because CMap integrates with major accounting systems such as Sage and Xero, CMap is able to share financial data like invoices and expenses seamlessly. As a result, Christine’s team never has to manually rekey data.

“We are so thankful for the accounting system integration,” said Christine. “That feature alone has made a significant difference in our workflow.”


  • Saved Time - Christine and her team used to spend more than ten minutes generating a single invoice. With CMap, expenses and time recording are in the system, so invoices are generated instantly.
  • Improved Accuracy - Now that there’s no longer a need for the manual double-entry of invoices, human error at the invoicing stage is eliminated.
“We are so thankful for CMap’s accounting system integration. That feature alone has made a significant difference in our workflow.”

- Christine Lewis, Account Supervisor

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