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How Harley Haddow uses business intelligence provided by CMap to manage the firm’s projects.


Harley Haddow is a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy based in the United Kingdom. Thanks to its staff of mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, and energy engineers, the firm provides exceptional creative and sustainable solutions for projects across the built environment.

Previously, the company’s financial controller, Jane Scriven, and her team handled the finances of the business by using several disparate systems: one for project management, another for timesheets, and a third for assigning job numbers. In addition to being too numerous, the systems didn’t integrate with Sage, the firm’s accounting system.

“Not having one platform to rely on made it difficult to manage the financial affairs of the firm,” said Jane. “One of the things that made my team’s situation especially problematic was the business’s fairly complicated structure. We have five locations, and the business is made up of ten departments that offer different services. On top of that, it’s a common practice for the directors of those departments to request reports from my team that show figures relating only to their department. Meeting their needs was very difficult and time-consuming.”

Jane’s team needed to replace the disparate systems with a platform that could integrate with the accounting system and help the team maintain operational efficiency and data consistency. 

“Fortunately,” said Jane, “we found CMap.”


A business management tool, CMap assists professional service organizations with winning more work, delivering it more profitably and making better business decisions. The platform replaces inconvenient spreadsheets and disparate software tools while allowing businesses access to all of their data and capabilities through a single, unified system.

“Now that all of our data is in one system, it’s easier for us to manage projects and related financials on a department-by-department basis,” said Jane. “It's also easier for my team to produce reports for each department as well as the entire organization.” 

CMap is Jane’s full project lifecycle management tool. Her team can record new leads, estimate fees, quote new opportunities, manage project time and expenses, handle billing, and then make sense of it all with CMap’s reporting suite.

“We have a team member who has become somewhat of an expert with CMap,” said Jane. “That staff member is able to get substantive information out of the platform, which helps management better run the business.”


  • Scalable Platform - Harley Haddow has grown consistently in size and complexity since it began using CMap in 2015, and the platform has seamlessly kept up with that growth. 
  • Easy Reporting - Even though Harley Haddow’s business structure is rather complex, CMap helps Jane keep track of matters related to each department while being able to also look at the business globally. 
  • Greater Visibility - CMap’s collection of powerful features allows Jane’s team to track the profitability of projects in real time. That helps management effectively manage the firm’s resources.
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