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By leveraging CMap, Peru Consulting now has a PSA system that offers greater visibility into the company’s resourcing, utilization, and project profitability.


Peru Consulting provides technology consulting services to some of the largest businesses in Europe. The firm helps its clients shape their digital businesses, source and manage the right suppliers, and deliver lasting change through transformation.

To track time, expenses, utilization, and future pipeline data, Peru Consulting developed a set of spreadsheets. Although the firm had a finance software package, it was clunky and didn’t really give the information they required to get accurate project management information.

This situation was barely workable when the company had just 15 employees. When that number grew to more than 30, recording valuable information in such a way did not scale with the firm’s growth.

“Our people had to submit weekly timesheets and expense reports in spreadsheet form, and then a finance person re-entered that information into our finance software, the same was true for budgeting and planning for the future. Almost everything we did was a manual process.”

- Waqar Hussain, Finance Director of Peru Consulting

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The most important functions Peru Consulting required of a solution included the ability to see employee utilization across all projects and drill down into individual projects and consultants.

The firm wanted to be able to manage its project pipeline and be able to see the impact of potential projects on utilization, in addition to tracking project profitability in real-time.

The firm found what it was looking for in CMap, a business management software package that helps firms like Peru Consulting win more work and deliver that work more profitably. By doing away with spreadsheets and disconnected software packages, CMap empowers firms by collecting all of the data and functionality they need in one accessible and unified system.


  • Time Savings - The time-consuming weekly timesheet submission process that involved manual data entry and calculations is now a quick, once-a-day task that offers immediate visibility on a project. “CMap saves everyone lots of time—there’s no question about that,” said Waqar.
  • Greater Visibility - At the end of any given week, once its employees have entered their timesheet data, Peru Consulting knows exactly what resources are being spent on a project. This gives the firm a great deal of visibility.
  • More Effective Resourcing - “The resourcing feature of CMap has given us more agility when we need to see who’s working on what jobs and when they are available for other jobs,” said Waqar. “CMap’s ability to display heat maps has really been a game-changer for us.”

"One of the most important reasons why we went with CMap after researching other solutions is that CMap provides a mobile app."
"It supports the real-time tracking of time and expenses, and it's all automatically sent to the CMap platform for live reporting. CMap is just what we needed."
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