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From "multiple spreadsheets" making it "almost impossible to create efficiencies" to making "better decisions for growth"


One of Financial Times' leading management consultancies, PPL is a social enterprise and B Corp that exists to promote better wealth, wellbeing, and economic outcomes across the UK - and they have big growth ambitions.

PPL's growth targets could only be achieved if they maximized their resourcing and billing opportunities. Dealing with multiple spreadsheets and project management systems made it almost impossible to:

  • Create efficiencies
  • Spot opportunities, and
  • Increase performance and growth

As they continued to grow, they were hiring more fee-earning staff. However, this presented the challenge of more expense forms, more project billing schedules, and more invoice admin, all adding to the confusion of monthly management and reporting accuracies.

To scale, PPL knew they needed an efficient way of managing their processes and reporting on their financial data.


Using CMap's rapid billing tool allows PPL to bring timesheets and personal expense data together into one billing platform so they can get invoices out fast.

Integrations with popular accounting and BI packages such as Xero, Sage, Microsoft, Tableau and more, frees up time at end of month reporting so they can focus on overall business profitability and growth.


Ken says, "CMap has been a game-changer for us. CMap provides our team with real-time visibility of activity, progress against deliverables, resourcing, budgeting, invoicing and payment including both permanent and sub-contractor resources. It has transformed the way we manage our finances. We use it to capture all our time and material to carry out monthly invoicing. Rather than taking 3 to 4 days to complete the end-of-month finances, thanks to CMap, the job only takes no more than half a day. This frees the team up to grow."

Managing invoicing all in one place has helped PPL plan ahead and see their business finances directly so they can make better decisions for growth.

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