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Richter Group leverages CMap as its "single source of truth" to manage its rapidly growing business.


Richter Group is a company comprising UK-based firms of consulting civil, structural, and geotechnical engineers. The company provides engineering design consultation services to contractors in the rail, civil, bridges, geotechnical, and building construction sectors around the world.

Since its founding in 1989, Richter has opened new offices and acquired numerous businesses. As a result, the firm has seen rapid growth during recent years with great aspirations for further expansion.

In an effort to manage the expanding enterprise with more than fourteen business units, Richter used a software platform that the team felt didn’t scale with their growth, citing issues such as the system crashing when too many people were logged in at the same time. As a time consuming workaround, staff resorted to spreadsheets for reporting time and invoicing.

“As you can imagine, working this way in a firm that has six employees and a few projects is not optimal, but it’s manageable,” said Abouzar Jahanshahi, Managing Director of Richter. “With 250 employees and over 2,000 projects, it became clear that we needed a far better and enhanced business-management solution that suits current needs as well as those of the future.”

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CMap is a business management software platform that helps professional service firms win more work and deliver it more profitably. The software eliminates the need to rely on spreadsheets and multiple systems that don’t work well together. By using CMap, firms have all of the data and functionality they need in an accessible, unified system.

When Richter found CMap, the firm opted for the Pro Plan, which offers a wide range of functionality, including resourcing, invoicing, HR and custom reporting.

“With the plan we chose, we received all functionality that we were looking for,” said Abouzar. “We have a better project management, timesheet, and invoicing system.

Consequently, we have a single source of truth that helps us better manage our business. It’s a gamechanger to have a platform that helps us manage our projects from lead generation, to service delivery, to invoicing all in one system.”


  • A single source of truth - “Now that we have a single source of truth, we have the visibility we need to better handle critical processes such as employee timesheets, project management, and invoicing,” said Abouzar.
  • Increase productivity - “No longer must office staff spend time re-entering timesheets—they can use that saved time to work on other crucial parts of the business,” said Abouzar. “In fact, we have shifted some people from the administrative team to other departmental teams.”
  • Better decision-making - "Using CMap gives us the ability to easily produce helpful reports that incorporate our many teams, business units, and offices," said Abouzar. "This helps us make better decisions on a daily basis."
"We are growing at an extremely rapid pace, and we are satisfied that CMap will continue to grow with us."

- Abouzar Jahanshahi, Managing Director

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