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Ryder Architecture is an international design practice with over 300 staff members globally and 200 staff in the UK. With offices in Newcastle, London, Glasgow, Liverpool, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Amsterdam, Ryder specialized in public sector work, with a vision of improving the quality of the world around us and improving people’s lives.


After nearly 2 years of trialing and using on-premises solutions to manage project deliverables, Ryder came to the conclusion that none of the existing systems were meeting their requirements. They were also using separated software solutions to manage emails, contacts and other project related data, and was manually controlling documents and workflow processes. This means their project compliant deliverables took significantly long to reconcile, causing an effect on productivity.

During their search for a new project information management system, Ryder emphasizes the priority of one that integrates BIM authoring tools such as Revit and BIM360, as well as fulfils the Wren PI requirements. In addition, as the firm was using Office 365 (now Microsoft 365), SharePoint groups, and Teams for project related communication, Ryder desired to digitized business and project systems using best in class solutions, with a general direction to Microsoft as the “spine” of the business.


With the help of Atvero, Ryder has successfully achieved systems integration and reduce process wastage. Atvero’s BIM 360 integration has enabled intelligent transmittals of drawings and documents using metadata, in which project related information are extracted automatically from drawings and documents are checked automatically to ensure compliance and consistency. Ryder was also benefited from Atvero’s bi-directional Revit add-in, which has enabled efficient workflows from authoring to delivery through functionalities such as intelligent sheet size selection, one click publishing (to PDF, DWG, or DWF), or the synchronization of Revit data with Atvero’s document management system. The firm also reported to have improved QA to support ISO9001 audit, including key document tracking and reporting across projects, as well as improved document control, including document naming and issuing. The ease of collaboration internally and externally with a full audit trail of information going out and into projects is another benefit that Atvero has brought to Ryder.

Thanks to Atvero, Ryder now has a connected, cloud-based, and easy-to-use system that has boosted their productivity and efficiency in managing project deliverables, especially project documents. The firm is now able to get compliance to project standards. Atvero’s seamless integration with BIM authoring tools also helps Ryder improve quality in project delivery, helping them win reputation with clients.

“We were initially attracted to Atvero by its native integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Teams in support of Ryder's broader digital workplace goals. Today, our project teams are using the software to create and manage project deliverables ensuring ISO 19650 compliance and efficient document management, saving us both time and effort.”

- David Stabler, Projects Director

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