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How Studio 2H Design plans to use CMap to increase its profitability and growth.


Studio 2H Design is a full-service architecture, interior design, and planning firm. Whether its growing team is creating a medical clinic or reimagining a conference room, its inter-disciplinary approach contributes to dynamic, cohesive, and innovative projects.

Despite the firm’s success, behind the scenes was a collection of disparate systems and manual processes that were used to manage the firm’s day-to-day operations. Essentially, Studio 2H Design had outgrown its management tools.

“Everything we did was a bit piecemeal,” said Member Manager Nolanda Hatcher. “We struggled to integrate functions like project management with timesheets and billing, and we still relied on Excel spreadsheets and add-ons for QuickBooks that proved to be inadequate.”

Knowing there was a better way to manage the firm, Nolanda searched for a solution. Intending to find a tool geared toward the architectural design space, she participated in demos from several companies to compare features and benefits. Ultimately, she selected CMap.


An end-to-end CRM and project management platform, CMap helps professional service firms win more work and deliver it more profitably. The platform eliminates the need to rely on spreadsheets and multiple systems that don’t work well together. When firms use CMap, they have all the data and functionality they need on one unified and highly accessible platform.

One of the things Nolanda likes about the CMap platform is that she can track productivity accurately. “Before CMap, our system wasn’t linked up to our projects, so we were unable to pull the necessary reports to evaluate resourcing,” she said. “Now that we’ve been using CMap for a while, I’m projecting that productivity will be easier to track. That ability will give us greater control over resourcing.”

With CMap supporting critical business decisions, Nolanda now operates with the confidence that she can better manage profitability to purposefully grow the firm.

“We are still implementing the software. However, the next thing we plan to do is delve further into the staff management component of CMap,” said Nolanda. “I expect that this will give us even more knowledge about and more control over our valuable resources.”


  • Effective process integration - “Although we’ve only been using CMap for less than a year, I’m pleased with the progress that we’ve made toward integration and the opportunities that we have to grow,” said Nolanda.
  • Accurate proposals - Now that Studio 2H Design uses CMap’s time-tracking system, it is easier for team members to estimate time spent on a project and create accurate proposals for new projects.

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