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How, after transitioning to CMap, TMD Building Consultancy Ltd. increases its financial team’s productivity by nine working days over the course of a month.


TMD Building Consultancy Ltd. (TMD) is an award-winning, independent chartered building surveying and project management practice based in the United Kingdom. Since 1991, TMD has helped its clients make the best use of their property assets by providing the highest quality technical and strategic advice on construction and property-related issues.

Despite the company’s success, it didn’t have a singular system that linked timesheets with client and project details. According to Financial Director Jo Shannon, “We had separate software to manage various aspects of the business, and they didn’t integrate very well. Manually inputting information here and there—and verifying that it was all correct—was tough work.” 

Fortunately, a member of Jo’s team had seen a software platform that looked like a promising solution, so Jo investigated it along with other options she found.

“My Google search led to a few online demos,” said Jo. “CMap kept surfacing as the platform with no important components missing, and it could be made to fit our processes. Every time we compared something to it, CMap stood out. That’s when we knew we found the right platform.”


An end-to-end CRM and project management platform, CMap helps professional service firms win more work and deliver it more profitably. The platform eliminates the need to rely on spreadsheets and multiple systems that don’t work well together. When firms use CMap, they have all the data and functionality they need within one unified and highly accessible platform.

Ultimately, Jo selected the CMap Pro Plan, which features the CMap Report Builder and Advanced Resourcing.

“From a finance and administrative perspective, selecting CMap was life-changing,” said Jo. “I know that sounds very dramatic, but when you’re used to outdated systems that aren’t fit for purpose, it’s refreshing to find something as useful and collaborative as CMap suddenly giving you everything you need at your fingertips.”

CMap and its report building and resourcing features also changed the way Jo reviews how the company operates. Jo and her team no longer have to download timesheets just to put the information into another piece of software for processing. CMap automates it all.

“Before CMap, we focused primarily on the fee billing side of things. That meant we looked at how much we were invoicing and charging our clients rather than looking at how much our people cost us to do the job,” said Jo. “Now, CMap has given us a different perspective by allowing us to be able to manipulate data and understand as a company not only what we are charging clients, but which types of projects we are making money on and what we are not.”


  • Mobile App Aids Time Reporting - “Nobody loves timesheets. They are the bane of my existence,” said Jo. “But now that our staff members can use CMap’s intuitive mobile app to enter their time wherever they may be, things operate much smoother.”
  • Comprehensive Flexibility - “Life is so much easier with CMap,” said Jo. “You can’t overestimate what people ask or how they want data to be displayed. CMap allows me to build and manipulate my own reports. That was a big selling point for me.”
  • Significant Time and Financial Savings - “I estimate that CMap saves the company nine days of the financial team’s time over a month,” said Jo. “That’s a lot of time and money, and we’ve noticed.”

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