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twentyfifty gains better insight into its international operations with CMap.


twentyfifty is a management consultancy that operates in more than twenty countries and works with international companies to implement social sustainability strategies. Whether it’s championing vulnerable workers in supply chains or working in partnership with its clients, human rights are at the heart of everything the firm does. 

But the firm’s project management needed help. Even though twentyfifty did have standalone timesheets and customer relationship management (CRM) software, it was a challenge to track what the firm’s consultants and associates were delivering to its clients. There were far too many administrative tasks and disagreements, as well as a lack of understanding, transparency, and visibility. Additionally, it was difficult to share information among team members. 

“Keeping track of everything using Excel was a struggle,” said Guy Wilson, Operations Manager at twentyfifty. “Manually updating everything was impossible. As soon as we got to fifteen employees, we knew that we needed a better way to manage projects.”

All of these challenges led Guy to search for a platform that would solve all of his problems. Essentially, he wanted an integrated tool that could track project profitability in real time, without resorting to spreadsheets. During his search for a solution, Guy met another CMap client that raved about CMap’s product and pricing structure, so Guy decided to give CMap a chance.


When CMap came aboard, it integrated its CRM, project, and resource management platform with twentyfifty’s existing accounting system. This enabled twentyfifty to replace its standalone systems that contained siloed data with a single platform from bid to bill. Now CMap is a crucial component of the firm’s workflow.

“We were excited to see CMap work for us,” said Guy. “We use it for scheduling, connecting to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, tracking expenses, analyzing data, and producing reports. And, when anyone gets stuck or needs help, I just point them to the videos in the CMap Academy so they can figure things out.”


  • Greater project visibility - “Just by looking at the dashboard, I can see how many live projects we have and I can slice and dice the data however I want to get the precise information I need at the click of a button,” said Guy. “I could never do that in Excel.”
  • Easier resourcing - “At the end of each month, I’m able to track future utilization and compare that to actual productivity,” said Guy. “This is really useful for understanding where we are going and driving productivity. All of this makes me a better manager.”

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