AEC Document & Drawing Management on Microsoft 365

The only cloud-based document control system built on SharePoint
for architects and engineers.

Atvero allows you to control document workflows that follows industry best practices, helping your team ensure project quality, increase productivity, and reduce risk.

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Built with SharePoint design language, Atvero has a user-friendly interface that is easy for existing Microsoft 365 users to navigate


Inheriting SharePoint’s scalability with 2 million sites and 25TB storage per site, Atvero supports project teams of all sizes, with the ability to accommodate many 1000s of documents


In Atvero, data lives in users’ SharePoint tenancies and is protected by Microsoft’s word-class data retention policies

Start sooner, save more

CMap customers get Atvero free until the end of 2023, when you sign up to a contract through to the end of 2024.

Trusted by architects & engineers of all sizes

Don't just take our word for it

CMap is ahead of other PSA platforms

"We were asked for a current set of architectural & engineering drawings; it would have taken me ages to pull these drawings together before, but with Atvero this takes me 30 seconds.”

Toby Adam
Director at Gaunt Francis Architects

Excellent platform for agency information

"During issues of revisions, we know what sits there in Atvero is always the latest version, and we can easily issue that revision out from wherever we are, using our phone, tablet, or laptop.”

Ben Hall
Associate Director at IMA Architects

Retired Legacy Platforms and Systems

“Atvero effectively removes all the file naming mistakes, meaning there is less observation to be done on my team members to maintain naming scheme compliance.”

Lorna Cleminson
BIM Coordinator, Gilling Dod Architects

No more spreadsheets

“Atvero helps with productivity, it takes a lot of user errors out of day-to-day. We can work on accurate information, & it can be reviewed to make sure nothing is sent out without approval.”

James Roach
Director at Roach Matthews

Saved time

"Atvero provides Chapman Taylor with a modern and scalable document management solution that meets our business needs for the next decade and beyond.”

Andy Hudson
Director at Chapman Taylor

Bi-directional sync with CMap

With the Atvero - CMap integration, projects, companies, contacts, and their subsequent edits will bi-directionally sync between CMap and Atvero. Users can be confident that their project data in both CMap and Atvero is always accurate and up to date, with changes reflected across the two platforms in real-time.

Visibility: Access all information in one source of truth

Find all project information in a centralised hub, with full version history of documents and drawings, either sent or received, readily available at anytime.
Track every document version and find the latest revisions in an instant
Rapidly search and filter information using metadata

Communication: Seamlessly retrieve information in correspondences

Manage emails in context to all your other project related documents
and drawings
File project emails on Windows, Mac, or Online Outlook
Speedily search for crucial information based on senders, recipients, subject, email content and attachment content
Update and manage project contacts automatically based on filed email data

Auditability: Ensure quality control and reduce project risk

As the project gatekeeper, Atvero ensures all documents are correctly named, reviewed, and revision-controlled, meaning information is always accurate and
up to date.
ISO 19650 standards or custom naming schemes enforced across all documents
Automatic selection of the latest revision during issues
Automatically updated issue registers with full audit trails of transmittals

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What is Atvero and how can it benefit me?

Atvero is a document, drawing and email management system built on Microsoft 365 for architects and engineers. By adding AEC standardisations and best practices to SharePoint and Teams, Atvero allows organisations to deliver quality projects on a platform that is highly intuitive to all existing Microsoft users.

As the information gatekeeper, Atvero helps minimise project risks by maintaining audibility across the entire project life cycle. With Atvero, documents and drawings are always correctly named, reviewed, and version controlled. This means every piece of sent and received information is always accurate and up-to-date.

Why is it important to have a document management solution in place like Atvero?

More than ever, information management has come under heightened scrutiny with pressure to conform to uniform standards for building information management (BIM) and compliance with global standards e.g. ISO 19650. Having a solution like Atvero means companies can enhance project quality control and improve efficiency while saving time, money, and effort.  

Can our data from other systems be migrated into Atvero?

If you are planning to switch to using Atvero from previous document control systems, we provide migration services to to help you make a smooth transition without losing access to your valuable years’ worth of data.

How long does it take to install and set-up Atvero?

Atvero can be installed in under an hour. However, the process of setting up projects in Atvero can vary from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size of your organisation and project.

Is Atvero a Common Data Environment (CDE)?

No. A CDE is a collaboration sharing tool, whereas Atvero is really focused on you, your organisation, and your documents. Atvero has the ability for you to share documents and receive documents from an external organisation (clients, suppliers, etc.), but those organisations will not be accessing your own Atvero site or MS SharePoint environment.

What kind of customer support is available?

We have a dedicated, highly responsive service desk team that are on hand to provide support from the very beginning, alongside a rich knowledge base with step-by-step interactive guides that can provide answers to any feature-related questions you may have. We strive to make sure you never have a problem when resolving issues and finding help

How do I sign up?

We recommend scheduling an initial 15-min discovery call to help us better understand your challenges and goals. Then, one of our Atvero experts will prepare a custom 1-1 demo tailored to your needs. All you need to do is fill out our book a demo form.