Document, drawing & email management on Microsoft 365

Access all of your key information in one place, saving you time and keeping your projects risk-free and quality controlled.

delivered by leading architects & engineers
Saves time
Leaving you free to focus on what you love: design & creativity
Reduces risk
Eliminating manual errors and ensuring compliance with ISO 9001 & ISO 19650
Boosts productivity
Reducing time spent on admin and increasing your bottom line

Trusted by architects & engineers of all sizes

document management

Ensure quality control and reduce project risks

Atvero ensures all documents are correctly named, reviewed, and revision-controlled——so information is always accurate and up-to-date.

“Atvero effectively removes all the file naming mistakes, meaning there is less observation to be done on my team members to maintain ISO 19650 compliance.”
Lorna Cleminson | BIM Coordinator, Gilling Dod Architects

drawing management

Manage all information with one source of truth

Access all drawings and their complete version history in a centralized hub, where every revision is easily discoverable using metadata, and full audit trails of transmittals are readily available.

“We were asked for a current set of all drawings; it would have taken me ages to pull these together, but with Atvero this takes me 30 seconds.”
Toby Adam | Director
Gaunt Francis Architects

email management

Seamlessly retrieve crucial project information

Manage your emails in context to all your other project-related documents and drawings, for simple and speedy access and filing.

“Atvero is pulling all our business needs together. We now have a SharePoint-based corporate intranet, we have Microsoft Teams integrated, we have emails – everything in one place.”
Stephen Higgon | Senior Information Manager
Chapman Taylor

secure document compliance

ISO 19650 & ISO 9001 ready

Ensure standardization, security and discoverability to keep your firm compliant with industry best practices and protected from project risks.

“Our project teams are using the software to create and manage project deliverables ensuring ISO-19650 compliance and efficient document management, saving us both time and effort.”
David Stabler | Projects Director

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