Atvero Client Services

At Atvero, we're here to help you hit the ground running. Our friendly Client Services team will be with you every step of your Atvero journey, through install, setup, and customization. We'll give you tailored support to meet your business needs and drive strong adoption.

Getting you up and running

From template setups to custom naming schemes, we’re here to meet the specific demands of your business and ensure a smooth, seamless process

Document Template set up – Increase speed and searchability by adding your branding, prepopulating key values, and assigning metadata to templates
Project Naming scheme configuration – Support projects by setting up multiple naming schemes and defining custom values & metadata
Checklist customization – Ensure project quality by determining questions to audit and customizing checklist

SharePoint Consultancy

Get the most of your subscription with one-to-one support from our SharePoint consultants. Chat to our internal experts about administration and digital transformation for SharePoint, Teams, and all things Microsoft 365.

Simplified System Transitions

Making the switch to serverless has never been easier with Atvero. Our migration services will make your system transition as smooth as possible, without losing access to your valuable data.

No hardware required – Fully cloud-based, Atvero requires no on-premises system, with all your data owned by you for a fraction of the cost
New system, same design – Built on software your team already knows, Atvero’s intuitive interface ensures quick adoption so you can get started straight away
No data left behind - Our team can import all of your data without any downtime, so you can retain access to everything you need, whenever you need it


We won’t leave you and your team in the dark. With interactive training workshops and refresher sessions, we’ll get you up to speed with using the system and help you brush up on the best Atvero practices.