Atvero and SharePoint: where industry focus meets dependability

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Alex Hauger
Jan 15, 2024
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From its inception to its current status as one of the best document management systems available, SharePoint has evolved dramatically over the years. Find out how Atvero has leveraged SharePoint’s capabilities to craft a tailored document, drawing and email management system for the modern architect and engineer that drives adoption and protects firms from common risks.

A brief history of SharePoint

When SharePoint was initially launched in 2001, it introduced a basic framework for document libraries and enabled users to store and share documents within an organized environment. The system, however, was rudimentary and completely different to the SharePoint we’re familiar with today. 

These early features went through a rapid upgrade, and SharePoint became an increasingly complex system that required dedication and time to implement and operate. So complex, in fact, that consultants for SharePoint were often required. This meant that the high expectations for the system were not always met, and users became lost in its lack of usability.

This all changed with the introduction of modern SharePoint and integration of Microsoft 365. The entire system had a makeover with a redesigned interface designed for optimal usability, resulting in the streamlined system that’s currently in use today. 

By integrating with Microsoft 365, SharePoint seamlessly merges with all of Microsoft's other applications, such as Teams, OneDrive, and Outlook. This gives users the chance to navigate through a variety of channels with the opportunity to access, edit and collaborate on documents in real-time with others.

SharePoint has also shifted towards a more cloud-based system, which comes with enhanced functionality, increased collaboration, and improved usability within its integrated Fluid Framework. The end result is a sophisticated environment that is durable, readily available, and reliable for its users. 

Atvero and SharePoint

Throughout its evolution, SharePoint has become a popular system of document management and collaboration within the AEC sector. However, as architects and engineers face unique challenges and requirements, it quickly became clear that its functionality was not specific to—and thus appropriate for—the industry. Enter Atvero.

Atvero was born out of these missing requirements, specifically built to cater to the niche needs of AEC firms. Built upon SharePoint’s mature and secure system, Atvero augments an AEC- focused interface with a tailored experience, ready to:

  • Streamline workflows
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Implement better tools to deal with intricate project documentation and legislative compliance (e.g. BSA and ISO 19650

By focusing on the AEC sector specifically, Atvero is ready to go with industry specifics, such as metadata tags and revisory sections, aiming to optimize and streamline the user experience. Atvero and SharePoint together make the ideal pair as Atvero takes SharePoint’s existing system, and simply makes it applicable to the AEC firms that use it.

Overall, Atvero represents a specialized evolution of SharePoint that is tailored to meet the distinct requirements of the architecture and engineering firms. By building upon the continually improving foundation of SharePoint, Atvero is fine-tuning the solution for document management with an industry-specific lens, allowing AEC professionals to feel secure in their document management solution and approach it with confidence.

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