Client Services

Here at CMap, we know system change can be daunting, especially when you’ve struggled with clunky, complicated software in the past

That’s why we’ve built an experienced, friendly Client Services team, here to guide you through every step of your CMap journey

We’ve successfully onboarded 400+ clients, ranging from start-ups to global enterprises, so you can have confidence we’re here to support you and make you successful

our mission

To help you win more work,

deliver it more profitably

and make better business decisions


We have three distinct onboarding plans to get you up and running with CMap - however, they share some common steps which will give you an idea of what going live with CMap looks like

Initially, you’ll receive a welcome pack and a kick-off call to introduce your project team to CMap, helping them to understand the system. We’ll also hold a process planning session to outline the business processes that underpin the CMap Methodology, while granting your team full access to the CMap Academy to get everyone up to speed. Once your Project Data Set is imported, you’re ready to launch – but don’t worry, the support doesn’t stop there!


We know that implementing CMap is only the start of your journey with us, which is why we’ll continue to support you to grow, evolve, and maximise your potential after getting set up. That’s why we offer a wide range of consulting services to help your business thrive

Our system consultancy service will support you to effectively utilise CMap to make better business decisions. Our project consultancy service will support you to successfully govern and deliver projects. Our business consultancy service will enable you to adopt business processes that maximise the benefits of CMap

Customer success

To support you through your end-to-end journey with CMap, we also offer an customer success service in addition to our support help desk. Your account manager will work with you to understand what you want to achieve, and ensure you’re getting the best use out of CMap to deliver your work effectively

Your account manager will be your key point of contact throughout your life at CMap, keeping you up to date with new features, tools, and communications – ensuring you get the most out of your CMap experience