CMap Documents

Cloud storage
Integrate with MS Teams

Create award-winning proposals in seconds

Create documents from templates. Store them in the cloud. Share them with MS Teams (Sharepoint) integration

Create documents from templates

CMap takes your data and insert it into document templates

Want to create an award-winning proposal... in seconds? That’s precisely what CMap Documents does: taking the key data (e.g. client name, project title, fee breakdown, etc.) and automatically transforming it into a beautiful proposal, ready to send to the client

Cloud document storage

CMap is hosted in the cloud, meaning you benefit from all the back-up and security cloud document storage offers, it's super-easy to increase digital storage space, and it’s easier for your teams to share files

Take things further with Microsoft Teams

Companies that subscribe to CMap’s Microsoft Teams Integration open the possibility to store documents in MS Teams (which ultimately stores in SharePoint)

Hugely popular with companies on Microsoft 365, it enables your teams to access SharePoint project documents directly within the project itself in CMap

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