Spring 2021 Release

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Beta vs Sandbox

We’re delighted to open the CMap Spring 2021 Release in Beta! Here’s some important information you need to be aware of:

Beta opens Tue 16th March, with the Live launch following on Mon 29th March. This means you have a near-two week head start to familiarise yourself with the new functionality and get prepared before it's rolled-out to your colleagues on Live

Beta runs on your LIVE database, this is not a “test” environment. Anything you do in Beta, you are doing for real. Beta is essentially early access to the new version on your Live environment. We also recommend that you limit the number of people using the Beta to a small, core group

Auto-populating time off in timesheets

We’ve improved the feature that auto populates time off in timesheets to better handle part-time users

A calculation change now ensures that one day of time off for a part-time user always equates to a full, standard working day when it comes to populating the number of hours of time off in the timesheet

A new user permission has also been created, enabling you to enable/disable the feature on a user-by-user basis and ensure that everyone receives the best possible user experience

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Part-time user reporting updates

There are 2 key updates here with regards to part-time users:

1. The way that time off is calculated in the Staff Availability report has been updated to ensure that one day of time off for a part-time user always equates to one full standard working day

2. A visual cue has been added to the Staff Availability and Staff Utilization reports — in the form of a yellow triangle — enabling you to identify part-time users at a glance

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Projected margin tab improvements

There are several significant improvements to the Projected Margin tab in the Fee Estimator, including:

— The “Additionals – Cost Price” field now uses the cost price of additionals from the Fee Estimator

— The FX rate now uses the rate as per the Project Start Date, rather than the date(s) of the most recent role cost change(s)

— The Projected Margin tab is now saved as part of a Fee Estimator Snapshot

EDITIONS: All, except AEC

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Project & Stage Date updates

If you had the "Stage Dates" feature enabled, CMap prevented you from moving the Project Start Date forward if it resulted in the earliest Stage Date falling before that date. This meant you had to navigate away and manually update the Stage Date(s) first

Now, when you move the Project Start Date and cause a date violation, a pop-out appears that enables you to update the project’s Stage Dates and avoid any instances of a Stage Date preceding the Project Start Date

N.B.  If you previously disabled the Stage Dates feature because of this, please contact the Support team to arrange for it to be re-enabled. Stage Dates enables usage of the "Staffing Prediction Report", so we would highly recommend using it

Staffing Prediction Report (AEC Edition)
Staffing Prediction Report (All other Editions)

Rate cards in days & hours

We’ve updates the Rate Cards tool in the Finance tab, enabling you to toggle between administering in hourly or daily values

Ultimately, CMap saves both values in the rate card. So, if you set the rate card up in days, it simultaneously converts it into an hourly rate, and vice versa

In the Fee Estimator, when you hover-over a role to view its rate, it now displays both the hourly & daily rates

And, if you create project-specific rate cards using the “Customise Rates” tool, the toggle between daily & hourly rates appears there too

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HR view when private permission

Users were unable to view private fields in their own HR pages. Now, to give you greater control of what people can('t) see, we've introduced a "View When Private" permission

New contacts export permission

We've added new Security Group permissions that limit the ability to (1) export contacts data into a CSV file and (2) import contacts data from a CSV file

Live updating invoice schedule

If the invoice amount differed from the scheduled amount, a confusing pop-up appeared. We've removed it, and we now live update the scheduled value to reflect what's taking place in the invoice layout page instead

New project code admin tool

We've added a new Admin tool, "Update Project Code", which enables you to browse + select a project, and then change the automatically generated project code

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