Fuelled with sublime, live data

Are you held back by out-of-date reporting? Are you forever looking backwards rather than forwards? Most companies already capture all the data they need. It’s unlocking it and making sense of it that’s the tricky part

This is where CMap’s dashboards & reports have your back, transforming your data into vivid, real-time insights

Dashboards, beautiful dashboards

See your world like never before with beautiful, personalized, interactive dashboards

Want to keep tabs on your WIP position? You got it. Want to be alerted when invoices have been approved? No problem

Whatever your role or responsibilities, a super-relevant, beautiful dashboard can be specially crafted, enabling you to leverage your data to perfection

Powerful reporting, right out of the gate

CMap comes with a suite of standard reports & dashboards, right out of the box, offering insights from every angle: from sales, to revenue, to performance, to people … and beyond

Get the information you need at your fingertips, and make strong, timely, data-driven decisions

Get creative and build your own

Our powerful, easy to use Report Builder tool, and a whole new world of reporting capability opens to you

With Report Builder, you can build your own custom reports and dashboards, share them with colleagues, and leverage your data in whatever way suits you

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Analyze portfolios

CMap Portfolios enables you to report on collections of projects, from any angle

Want to see how you’re doing in the pharmaceutical sector? No problem. Want to monitor the performance of your new Singapore office? Easy

Portfolios are visualised in a beautiful dashboard, getting you immediately up to speed, and enabling you to make the right decisions to drive performance

Learn more about Portfolios

Direct data access

Want to go even further and get access to raw data or use CMap data in reporting tools outside of CMap like Power BI? That's where our Direct Reporting Services (DRS) comes in

With DRS, you directly access your raw data via an ODBC connection that you can use in anything from Excel to Power BI and Tableau. The sky’s the limit

“We’re starting to use the report builder more and more. Our custom reports help us hone in on the aspects of the business we want more information about. They help with human resources management and interrogating project performance."
Andy Avery, Practice Director, Buttress
"Using the CMap software gives us the ability to easily produce helpful reports that incorporate our many teams, business units, and offices. This helps us make better decisions on a daily basis."
Abouzar Jahanshahi, Managing Director, Richter
"Now we have greater access to—and understanding of—our data. There’s a clear version of truth, and having access to our data in real time is a huge positive."
Nick Deman, CFO, Channel 3 Consulting
"Life is so much easier with CMap. You can’t overestimate what people ask or how they want data to be displayed. CMap allows me to build and manipulate my own reports. That was a big selling point for me.”
Jo Shannon, Financial Director, TMD Building Consultancy
"Knowledge is power. If you can't analyze the data, you don't know whether you are making money or losing money. Every firm should be using a system such as CMap."
Chris Parker, Director, InsideOut
"Matching resources to the work we have is absolutely crucial. By looking at CMap's resourcing schedule and staff availability reports, we can run a tight ship."
India Cummins, Studio Manager, Bell Phillips Architects