Improve accuracy & ditch the spreadsheets

CMap’s Fee Estimator is packed with advanced features that enable you to produce rigorous estimates in minutes

From slick role & rate management, to templates, version histories, margin predictions, final value approvals—and more—you can have the confidence CMap’s equipped to deliver accurate quotes and put an end to spreadsheet-ageddon

All the ingredients (roles, rates, templates, etc.)

You’re (probably) using spreadsheets. But why is this the case?

What people love about spreadsheets is their flexibility. That’s why we’ve made the Fee Estimator as usable and flexible as possible, while retaining robust controls that spreadsheets can’t enforce

Top-down budgeting, bottom-up budgeting. It’s all possible in CMap

Create speedy proposals from templates

With CMap Documents, you can generate documents based on your own templates and insert information into them automatically

For example, you can create a proposal document that contains standardised text and then automatically inserts things like the client's name and a costing table for the work you're quoting

What’s more if you have the MS Teams integration, rather than being stored in CMap, the documents can be stored in SharePoint

Win more good & less bad business

Is this a client we’ve worked with before? Do we always lose money with them? Are there projects we’re better suited to in the pipeline? Do we even have the capacity to deliver the work in the first place?

These questions are answered with CMap’s connected tools, showing how sectors, service types, individual clients—and so on—perform, how the demand for services stacks up against capacity to deliver them, and much more … putting you on the front foot to win business that benefits the company

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Get better and better, and better

CMap enables you to review completed projects in detail, quickly

Budget vs. actuals show you where you tend to go off piste, so you can make corrections and stay on track more often

These learnings can then feedback into Fee Estimator templates, continually improving their accuracy and the profitability of delivery

"With CMap, everyone on our team can drill down into the data to answer important questions about the state of the practice’s business. We can see right away whether a project is being performed at a profit or a loss.”
Laura Gore, Head of Finance, Make
"I used to spend hours working up a quote. With CMap, I can produce a quote in just half an hour. The data analysis ability that CMap gives us greatly improves the confidence we have in our quotes.”
Chris Parker, Director, InsideOut
"I definitely recommend CMap to other organisations. I would encourage them to try it”
Jim Heron, Chairman, Helios Medical Communications