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CMap is an enterprise software company with offices in Manchester, Orlando and New York.

With thousands of users in over 60 countries worldwide, there are over $4 billion of live projects currently being managed through CMap across a range of industries.

Our Leadership Team draws on decades of experience across various professional services industries, shaping our product and services to help clients deliver on the five pillars of success.

The five pillars of success

Our values

A long time ago, we realized that the key to good software is creating something that people actually want to use.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? And yet, there are so many clunky, uninspiring products out there that continually fail their users.

That's where we're different.

We're focused on creating software that makes life easier for the people using it.

So we keep things simple. Taking complex processes and transforming them into logical, intuitive, user-friendly functionality.

By listening to real ideas from real people, we've built a tool that helps global businesses operate dynamically, efficiently, and effortlessly.

“CMap enabled us to manage everything simply. It wasn’t too complex, as it should be. Software should make life as easy as possible and that’s exactly what CMap does.”

Rik Bijmholt, Anderson McGyver

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