Atvero Plans

Looking for the perfect document and drawing management tool?
Choose a plan that fits your team size and get access to all the tools you need for your projects.
Atvero Essentials
£12 / user per month*

Document, drawing and email management tools for all of your information management needs

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Everything to start your Atvero journey:

Project management

Customizable Project Homepage
Metadata driven searching and filtering
Project creation and Project enquiry capture
Global contact management

Record Management

Enforced ISO 19650 compliant
naming schemes
Automated revisioning of documents
and drawings
Office document creation from templates with autofill of project information
Drawing approval workflows

Email Management

Filing of emails directly into projects
Extract attachments as received files
Email contact management


Email and live chat supports
Atvero Design
£16 / user per month*

BIM, CDE and project management integrations to take your workflow to the next level

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Includes Atvero essentials, plus:

BIM authoring tools integrations

Revit add-in workflow integration
AutoCAD add-in workflow integration

CDE integration

BIM 360 transmittal integration


CMap sync
Rapport3 workflow integration
Atvero Enterprise
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For project teams, we offer additional benefits to help you make the most out of our product.

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Includes Atvero Design, plus:

Priority support

High priority, dedicated support
response time
Extended support hours
Additional Atvero core training
workshops (up to 10 people per session)
Additional BIM training workshops
for all Revit and AutoCAD users
Bespoke customisation and system


Can our data from other systems be migrated into Atvero?

How long does it take to install and set-up Atvero?

Do I have to use the CMap AEC Edition to use Atvero?

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