• Auto-create project folders
  • Consistent project information

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CMap’s Newforma integration automatically syncs contacts, companies, and project ID information from CMap straight into the relevant areas of Newforma.

It’s completely automated. There are no buttons to press, no actions to take, the integration takes care of everything.

This means that Newforma users can guarantee accurate, consistent project information across both CMap and Newforma, uniting your projects across your business platforms and eradicating time spent otherwise duplicating project data.

About Newforma

Newforma Project Center enables architects and engineers to be more effective as they organize project data, collaborate with project team members and manage construction projects from inception to delivery.

Newforma software helps companies to reduce risk through simplifying the organization, distribution and access of critical project information (e.g. emails, RFIs and submittals, etc.) while maintaining a full audit trail.

"We’re growing, and CMap has helped managed that expansion. Previously, costs would
run away, but with CMap we’re always on-track."

John Haynes, IDPartnership

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