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Imagery is one of the most powerful proof of concepts that your architectural practice possesses in the race to win new business. So it makes sense that you’re able to link your image-based assets to the projects you’re running in CMap.

CMap's integration with OpenAsset feeds crucial project details like CRM contacts and Project ID information right through to OpenAsset. This saves your teams valuable time and eradicates any duplicate work.

You can view your OpenAsset images from within the project in CMap, with the ability to click-through to the relevant area in OpenAsset.

About OpenAsset

OpenAsset is a cloud-based solution which enables architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate businesses of all sizes to store, organize, utilize and share all of their digital assets on a single platform. OpenAsset uses artificial intelligence and a project-based structure to help users improve tagging, search for similar images, and batch edit assets.

"We’re growing, and CMap has helped managed that expansion. Previously, costs would
run away, but with CMap we’re always on-track."

John Haynes, IDPartnership

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