CMap Portfolios

Bring your data to life
Monitor performance in real-time
Create custom fields
Report Builder tool

Analyze your business like never before

CMap Portfolios enables you to monitor the performance of your business from any angle in real-time

Bring your data to life and make better business decisions

Introducing CMap Portfolios

CMap Portfolios presents the performance of a collection of projects grouped together by a theme, such as sector or location

Want to see how you’re doing in the pharmaceutical sector? No problem. Want to monitor the performance of your Singapore office? Easy

CMap gives you the insights you need to make good decisions quickly

Create a portfolio from any angle

CMap allows you to run a portfolio based on any project data that you track

Thanks to “CMap Pages” creating custom fields to track additional data is a breeze, and ... hey presto, you’re immediately able to run a portfolio for it.

Customize your portfolio page

CMap comes with a stunning portfolio dashboard right out-of-the-box. But that’s just the start...

With CMap’s “Report Builder” tool, you open a whole new world of possibility. Report Builder enables you to build your own custom portfolio dashboard, so you can choose exactly what data and charts are most important to you

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