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  • Sales invoices
  • Personal expenses
  • Purchase invoices
  • Sales receipts

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Whilst CMap and your GL serve different purposes, they overlap in several key areas. The good news is we allow you to transfer these critical transactions quickly and easily to Sage Intacct.

The integration reduces the amount of time finance spend keeping the two systems synced, with no manual rekeying required whatsoever.

Here's everything you can do through the integration:

  • Push sales invoices from CMap to Intacct
  • Push purchase invoices from CMap to Intacct
  • Push personal expenses from CMap to Intacct
  • Pull sales receipts from Intacct to CMap
  • Pushes (create or update) the basic project information when pushing information into Intacct to link to the transaction
  • Pushes (create or update) the customer information when pushing sales invoices to Intacct
  • Pushes (create or update) the vendor information when pushing the purchase invoices and personal expenses into Intacct

"We’re growing, and CMap has helped managed that expansion. Previously, costs would
run away, but with CMap we’re always on-track."

John Haynes, IDPartnership

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