Project Management for QuickBooks

Seamless integrations with QuickBooks Online & Desktop

Fee calculations & forecasting
Staffing tools
Time & expense tracking
Integrated CRM

Project Management for Professional Services

CMap's Project Management software is honed for the specific needs of professional services firms - helping architects, engineers, consultants, accountants and agencies to win more work and deliver it more profitably

Eliminate headache-inducing spreadsheets and disconnected software packages, and allow CMap to provide you with business clarity in one place

Seamless integrations with QuickBooks Online & Desktop

As your firm scales, you no longer need to migrate to the usual overbearing, clunky, outdated system

Instead of disrupting your firm by replacing QuickBooks, CMap integrates with it to give the best of both worlds: (1) a modern project management system your staff actually engage with, and (2) continued use of best-of-breed accounting software that gives finance total control

The future is here

Flexible fee calculations

Approaches to fee calculations vary wildly in professional services. Architects, accountants, consultants, agencies... all quote differently

This is why generic, one-size-fits-all fee calculating tools fall short. You need a tool that is adapted to your requirements. That’s exactly what CMap’s innovative Fee Estimator does. It's laser-targeted to your industry and the way you think about projects

See CMap's Project Management for QuickBooks Software in Action

Cutting-edge staffing tools

Within CMap's Project Management software, industry-leading staffing tools are at your fingertips.

CMap’s staffing tools allow you to make super-quick changes, give you instant feedback on how the changes affect profitability, and enable you to see how your people are being utilized across projects.

Time & expense tracking

Beautifully simple timesheets and expenses functionality, available in-app, on mobile and in Outlook (yes, you read that correctly)

Tens of thousands of users around the world enjoy CMap’s class-leading timesheets & expenses functionality

Fully integrated CRM

CMap's Project Management software provides you with a centralised database to safely store your known universe of companies and contacts

And with CMap’s “Leads” functionality, capturing, nurturing and reporting on early-stage opportunities and BD activity has never been easier

"CMap has just what firms like ours need. From timesheet and expense entry all the way to data analytics capabilities, CMap delivers for the project manager who looks at utilization as well as the C-suite executive who looks at profitability."
Waqar Hussain, Finance Director of Peru Consulting

Real-time reporting

Reports should be something you make decisions on, not something you spend hours and hours creating

CMap’s time and expense data feeds live, personalised dashboards to give you the info you need to make key decisions swiftly

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