Search & File Emails Directly from Outlook

Whether project teams are in or out of office travelling, Atvero enables you to access and file project emails in context to all of your other project related documents and drawings.

Email communication can create siloed discussions

Email is valuable project information. However, when project related emails are sent between individuals, it can be difficult for other project members to be aware of what has been decided, preventing them from accessing crucial information.

Delay in email discovery can affect project performance

Project members need to be able to easily discover emails during a project to acquire certain information for effective project delivery. At the end of a project, if project related emails are not stored or organized along with other project records, it can be challenging for project members to recover important information for future disputes or future development.

File emails on Windows, Mac and Online Outlook

For Outlook for Windows plugin

Easily manage all your project related emails with bulk selection of email for filing. Choose email from projects as well as intercepts On Send to file on your current projects, with Atvero consistently learning your filing behavior's.

For all Outlook (Windows, Mac, and online Outlook)

Create folder trees that mirrors projects and easily organize project emails by dragging and dropping into folders.

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Speedily find crucial information in emails and attachments

Rapidly search for project related emails based on sender, recipients, subject, email content and attachment content with Atvero filing emails into Outlook Groups using the power of Microsoft 365 search, providing you a familiar filtering interface to find filed emails in or across projects. Use Atvero’s integrated interface to search and browse emails in the web browser.

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