Free yourself from spreadsheets!

CMap’s Fee Estimator tool is packed with features that enable you to produce rigorous fee estimates, in minutes

From templates, to bottom-up & top-down approaches, to mixing multiple fee types in a project, you can have the confidence CMap’s equipped to finally put an end to spreadsheet-ageddon

Top-down and bottom-up, together

Starting with a fee-driven brief? Top-down budgeting is ready and waiting. Want to take a resource-driven approach? Bottom-up's the place to start

Ultimately, CMap enables you to do both e.g. start with a target fee in mind, plan out the resource requirements, and then sense-check the margin the fee will yield, increasing the project’s—and ultimately, the firm’s—profitability

Create efficiency & consistency with templates

Why do people revert to spreadsheets? “They’re quicker”. “They’re easier”. "The system doesn’t work the way I work”

CMap addresses this with templating functionality, making it quick & easy to set-up jobs, and going further than spreadsheets are capable, with target margins per sector, data immediately flowing through to staffing demand reports, revenue projections, and more

Predict future demand!

CMap’s Fee Estimator isn’t just about producing more accurate fees that enable you to understand what you’re committing to margin-wise

The data is transformed into projections of future demand, enabling you to make confident decisions: arrange freelance resource to solve short-lived spikes, hire to fulfil sustained increases in demand

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"With CMap, everyone on our team can drill down into the data to answer important questions about the state of the practice’s business. We can see right away whether a project is being performed at a profit or a loss.”
Laura Gore, Head of Finance, Make
"I used to spend hours working up a quote. With CMap, I can produce a quote in just half an hour. The data analysis ability that CMap gives us greatly improves the confidence we have in our quotes.”
Chris Parker, Director, InsideOut