CMap, right place, right time

Work how you want, when you want

We’ve built slick, smart mobile apps & add-ons to make life easier and enhance the CMap experience

At your fingertips

The days of stuffing receipts into a wallet and slowly working through a pile at the end of the month are over. With CMap Go on iOS and Android, simply take a photo of the receipt and upload it to your claim there and then, job done

It’s not just expenses. Manage timesheets, time off, tasks—and more—on the go!

In your Outlook

An opportunity has just landed in your email inbox. Do you want to make a note to add it to the CRM later? Or … would you like to create a new opportunity from within Outlook in just a couple of clicks?

It’s not just creating opportunities. Add contacts, update records, view existing opportunities linked to the account ... and more

"Nobody loves timesheets. They are the bane of my existence. But now that our staff members can use CMap’s intuitive mobile app to enter their time wherever they may be, things operate much smoother.”
Jo Shannon, Financial Director, TMD Building Consultancy
"One of the most important reasons why we went with CMap after researching other solutions is that CMap provides a mobile app. It supports the real-time tracking of time and expenses, and it's all automatically sent to the CMap platform for live reporting. CMap is just what we needed."
Waqar Hussain, Finance Director, Peru Consulting