Gloriously user-friendly timesheets & expenses

To analyze performance, you need timesheet & expenses data. Good, accurate timesheet & expenses data

To get quality data, people need intuitive functionality that doesn’t leave them frustrated

CMap has this in spades...

React before it’s too late, empowered with real-time analysis

Timesheet systems fall short because having the data is one thing, doing something meaningful with it is another

In CMap, timesheet data automatically flows onto the project, ready for budget vs. actual analysis, billing, and more.

CMap raises commercial awareness, giving each employee a personal dashboard that spells out their contribution, triggering conversations which may otherwise not have taken place ... and having a huge impact on your bottom line

Book expenses in CMap or on smartphone

There are few things duller than slowly working through a pile of receipts, inputting them into a clunky system or spreadsheet

CMap let's you take & upload a photo of the receipt, so you can toss it in the bin and go about your day

Backed-up by robust controls and automatically appearing on projects for analysis, your teams will love CMap's expenses

Learn more about CMap for mobile

Keep finance happy!

Finance want 2 things: (1) the expenses to be in the accounting package, and (2) no redundant rekeying of data to make that a reality

CMap integrates with popular accounting packages like Xero, Sage and QuickBooks, providing finance teams with tools that give them the confidence, control and efficiency they need.

"Nobody loves timesheets. They are the bane of my existence. But now that our staff members can use CMap’s intuitive mobile app to enter their time wherever they may be, things operate much smoother.”
Jo Shannon, Financial Director, TMD Building Consultancy
"No longer must office staff spend time re-entering timesheets—they can use that saved time to work on other crucial parts of the business. In fact, we have shifted some people from the administrative team to other departmental teams.”
Abouzar Jahanshahi, Managing Director, Richter
"Our team is now much better at logging time and expenses. Those records give us an accurate and up-to-date view of how much time and money we are spending on a project.”
Chris Parker, Director, InsideOut