Improve project management with CMap's timesheets system

CMap’s easy to use timesheets software takes the pain out of time tracking, fuelling companies with accurate timesheet data that helps them understand performance and make better business decisions.

Why is making it easy to track time so important for project management? If timesheets software is intuitive, people use it … timesheet data becomes more reliable, and your reporting more accurate and up to date.

Time tracking software … with purpose

Standalone timesheet systems fall short because they capture timesheet data, but don’t do anything (useful) with it.

In CMap, timesheet data automatically flows to other areas, driving processes and providing real-time insights e.g. budget vs actuals, margin analysis, billable hours, WIP, invoicing, and more.

CMap’s interlinked time tracking software empowers project leaders to react … before it’s too late.

Employee timesheet software

CMap’s intuitive time tracking software is built with the end-user in mind.

Firm leaders want efficient time tracking data to fuel their reports. But to get that, you need end-users to enter time as accurately as possible.

Giving your people easy-to-use online timesheet software is how we provide companies with better timesheet data to make better business decisions.

Keep finance happy!

Finance want 2 things: (1) the expenses to be in the accounting package, and (2) no redundant rekeying of data to make that a reality

CMap integrates with popular accounting packages like Xero, Sage and QuickBooks, providing finance teams with tools that give them the confidence, control and efficiency they need.

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Free timesheet app

CMap comes with two mobile apps: CMap Go, on iOS and Android, and CMap For Outlook, an Outlook add-in.

With three timesheet systems, there’s a format that to suit everyone, giving you super-accurate timesheet data.

"Thanks to the fact that CMap incorporates both approved and unapproved timesheets, we’ve got the true picture of what position we are in with every project."
Alex Wong, Financial Controller, Planit-IE
"Nobody loves timesheets. They are the bane of my existence. But now that our staff members can use CMap’s intuitive mobile app to enter their time wherever they may be, things operate much smoother.”
Jo Shannon, Financial Director, TMD Building Consultancy
"No longer must office staff spend time re-entering timesheets—they can use that saved time to work on other crucial parts of the business. In fact, we have shifted some people from the administrative team to other departmental teams.”
Abouzar Jahanshahi, Managing Director, Richter
"Our team is now much better at logging time and expenses. Those records give us an accurate and up-to-date view of how much time and money we are spending on a project.”
Chris Parker, Director, InsideOut


How do timesheets work?

Timesheets are a way for professional services firms to capture the time spent working on a particular project or task, filled out on a daily or weekly basis.

They include important data such as the date, duration and description of the work completed, which can then be used to track utilization, productivity, recovery rates, and project performance.

Employee time tracking software is often used by project-based organizations to automate the time tracking process.

Why are timesheets important for project management?

Employee time tracking software is an essential tool for professional services firms as it can help them to monitor project performance and progress, including important metrics such as:

  1. Tracking billable hours: Tracking billable hours accurately is crucial for businesses that bill their clients based on timesheet data captured against a project
  2. Analyzing productivity: Project managers can use timesheet data to measure the productivity of their team and potentially identify areas where staff are over or underutilized, allowing them to make smart people decisions (e.g. providing extra support& training).
  3. Forecasting & planning: Managers can also use historical time tracking data to forecast how many hours and resources are needed to complete similar projects in the future
  4. Compliance & audits: Having a verifiable record of the time spent on various tasks and projects is important for compliance purposes—it can be used as evidence during audits to prove your business is operating in accordance with relevant regulations.
  5. Improving profitability: With efficient time tracking, businesses can identify issues such as inefficiencies and promptly address them—which in turn can help improve their profitability and bottom line.

Should I use dedicated timesheet software solutions or a timesheet software that’s part of a PSA?

Although most standalone timesheet software offers basic time tracking capabilities, they often lack the integration & functionality that a PSA-hosted timesheet software can provide. There are several reasons why time tracking software that’s part of a PSA are often more beneficial:

  1. Centralization: With a PSA software, you get a centralized platform where every aspect of your business—including time tracking—can be managed. That means no more hopping in between systems—employees can easily track time, and project managers can easily approve timesheets and create invoices, all without leaving the software.
  2. Integration: Using a PSA system allows project managers to easily track the time spent on each project and generate invoices based on timesheet data.
  3. Automation: With a PSA software, time-consuming tasks can be easily automated—for example, sending time tracking reminder emails for timesheet submissions, generating invoices, and creating reports. This frees up time for employees and managers to focus on more productive work.
  4. Reporting: Identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions with detailed reports and time tracking data analysis—all of which helps to optimize resource utilization.

To conclude, having an integrated employee timesheet and PSA software offers much more powerful functionality than a standalone timesheet software. Although standalone time tracking softwares may offer free plans and unlimited users, the benefits of an integrated timesheet software—including centralization, automation, and reporting—provide a much more effective tool for tracking time for professional services.