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One of the biggest challenges in running a project-based firm is the constant balancing act between capacity and demand.

  • Is there enough work to keep your staff busy?
  • Have you got so much work coming in that you're going to be completely swamped?
  • Are you going to have people sat twiddling their thumbs unless you win some new business pronto?

This problem is never going to go away, but making decisions on a 'gut feel' - or worse, on issues that have already surfaced - isn't the best way of dealing with it.

CMap's Staffing Prediction report lets you see what projects you're currently delivering, as well as exactly how much work you've got coming down the road. It shows you whether that's going to put you well over capacity or leave you with too many employees on the bench.

From that you can decide whether you need to employ a few freelancers, hire some more permanent staff, or put more of a focus on business development to keep your company working at capacity.

Sound too good to be true? Check out the video above to see it in action.

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