Why you're (probably) not great at "follow-up" ... and how to get good at it!

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Improve follow-up to win more—and better!—work

As sure as night follows day, winning new business is an eternal challenge across all disciplines of professional services.

Yet sales follow-up is surprisingly poor for an industry that continually needs to feed the beast with new wins. Even the word “sales” itself can send shivers down spines.

In this webinar we look at:

  • Why sales follow-up is (usually) poor
  • Why being good at it is really important
  • How to actually (or: finally) get good at it
  • How sales follow-up is often a huge competitive advantage
    (spoiler alert: your competitors are probably poor at it… which is an opportunity!)

Attend, and you’ll have plenty of useful tips to go away, implement, and take new business to the next level!

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