Resource Capacity vs Demand: Mastering the Six Forces

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Resource Capacity vs. Demand: Mastering the Six Forces

People are your most valuable asset (ultimately generating your revenue), but also your most expensive cost (fail to keep them busy, and they soon eat away at profits). 

This conflict between too few and too many, between resource capacity vs. demand, is one of the most significant and persistent problems in running a successful professional services company. 

In this guide, you’ll discover how to master the six forces of resource capacity vs demand and learn the key factors influencing this equation. Topics covered include:

  • How a view of live and pipeline projects can be combined to provide perfect clarity on future resourcing demand

  • Factors to consider when choosing between internal and external resource, and what the optimum balance looks like

  • How roles and skills impact capacity and demand decisions, and how you can effectively audit skill sets within your teams

  • Tips on dealing with peaks and troughs in workload and how you can adjust your staffing levels to deal with this

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