What's coming in CMap spring 2021?

Reporting enhancements
Projected margin tab improvements
Popular activities tweak
Rate cards in days
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Tom Rains
Dec 23, 2020
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The new CMap Spring 2021 release is rapidly approaching, so we thought we'd give you a quick overview of what's coming your way...

Over the coming weeks, we'll go into more depth on each functional area to help you prepare for launch.

In the meantime, here's a quick overview of what CMap Spring 2021 has in store for you!

Popular activities tweak

CMap currently pre-filters to show open activities in "Activities" pages. A popular piece of feedback from Summer 2020 was introducing some flexibility to how CMap pre-filters on activity status. We’re going to start remembering the last view you applied, and re-apply it. So, if you last viewed open and completed activities, that’s what you’ll see the next time you re-enter the page. As this is a minimal impact update, we’ll release this as soon as it’s ready (Jan 2021).

Rate cards in days

There are many CMap customers that think in “day rates” rather than hourly charge out rates. Since rate cards are in hours, this has meant a little mental gymnastics has been required to convert the client-facing day rates into the hourly rate that CMap needs. The good news is, you’ll soon be able to toggle between setting rate cards up in hours or days. Ultimately, everything will still get saved at the hour-level, but from a UI perspective you’ll be able to work in your preferred format and you'll not need to get your calculator out anymore!

Projected margin tab improvements

We-re making some tweaks to the "projected margin" Fee Estimator feature, available to users that aren't using the AEC Edition. There are a number of changes:

  • We’re adding the Projected Margin tab into Fee Estimator Snapshots, as this currently doesn’t get saved
  • We’re updating the “Additionals – Cost Price” line to show the cost price of additionals from the Fee Estimator rather than actual values from the Budget vs Actual
  • We’re updating the exchange rate used for the Time Cost calculation, changing to use the project start date rather than the date of the most recent role cost change (which may be umpteen months ago)

Margin-based story so far improvements

We’re making some changes to the Margin-Based version of the Story So Far, available to users that (a) aren’t using the AEC Edition and (b) are running a plan that includes Resourcing Advanced. There are a number of changes:

  • The “Future Additional Costs” value will be updated. Currently this uses the sale value of additionals minus the additional costs to date. This will be updated to use the additionals cost value minus the additionals cost to date
  • The “Time Costs to Date” and “Future Scheduled Time” use employee cost rates. This means that if an employee cost rate isn’t present, the time will be zero-valued. We’re changing this so if an employee cost is not present, it will calculate using the role cost rate instead
  • The “Original Plan” section currently updates live with any Fee Estimator changes. We’re changing this so that it only reports values at project win, thus providing a baseline value to reference

Auto-populating time off in timesheets for part-time users

This is one of the most popular pieces of feedback we've received, so will go down a storm. The auto-populate time off in timesheets feature doesn’t work as elegantly for part-time users due to the underlying calculation. To remedy this, rather than using the individual user’s weekly working hours for the calculation, we’ll start using the office weekly working hours. In layman's terms, this means that for part-time users that work a standard day, only fewer of them, this will ensure their holidays are inputted as clean, full days. We’ll also introduce the ability for you to disable the Auto Populate Time Off in Timesheets feature for certain users if their patterns are more irregular and it would ultimately be easier for them to enter time off the traditional way. With part-time working only set to get more common, we wanted to make sure CMap was honed for those situations.

Part-time workers reporting enhancements

Part-time users report as having extra availability in the Staff Availability report in weeks where they have time off and actually aren't available. This is due to the time off calculation being used. We're changing the calculation to ensure users show as having zero availability for the week when that's the case. We’re also going to add some handy new visual identifiers to the reports (and the Resource Schedule, for that matter) to make it easy to identify part-time users at a glance.

View when private permission in HR pages

Currently the “See Private Fields” permission applies throughout all HR pages. There are a number of use cases where, for example, whilst you’d want to ensure users are unable to see private fields in other people’s HR pages, you would actually like them to be able to see the private fields in their own pages. To solve this, we’re introducing a new “View When Private” permission that enables you to pull off both scenarios.

Timeline & project dates updates

In Summer 2020 we introduced the "Staffing Prediction Report". In order for the report to function we (a) introduced stage dates and (b) added extra rigour to date changes. The main update rigour-wise was ensuring stage date changes fed back to the project start & end date, preventing situations where stage dates existed outside of the project start & end date. Whilst a sensible change, it introduced some extra work in other areas e.g. when you want to push the project start date back you have to move the stage dates first to accommodate the change. To improve this area, we're going to permit updates to the project start date and, if the change will result in a violation, introduce a pop-out that gives you the option to control necessary stage date changes e.g. moving stage dates back by the same number of days. This will massively improve the UX and ensure as many of you as possible benefit from the fantastic Staffing Prediction Report.

Preparing For Launch

CMap Spring 2021 will be available in beta during March 2021, with live launch following two-weeks later.

Over the coming weeks, we'll be sharing movies and guides so you can delve into how the new functionality will work and plan how you're going to take full advantage of it in your company.

Our Customer Success team will also be on hand to provide any help you might need as you're figuring things out.

In the meantime, if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch!

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