Job Costing

Powerful tools for accurate and consistent quoting

  • Quote from approved templates
  • Include third party costs
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Margin calculations
  • Rate card management

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Flexible job costing

Approaches to job costing vary wildly in professional services. Architects, accountants, consultants, agencies... all quote differently.

This is why generic, one-size-fits-all job costing tools fall short. You need a tool that is adapted to your requirements. That’s exactly what CMap’s innovative Fee Estimator does. It's laser-targeted to your industry and the way you think about projects.

CMap fee estimator template

Advanced functionality

The Fee Estimator is underpinned by robust functionality that allows your people to come up with the right level of detail, fast.

Need to quote in a different currency? Choose from rate cards in different currencies. Want to include supplier costs? Add third parties into your quote? Need to ensure people quote consistently? Start from “Fee Estimator Templates” including approved terminology and budgets.

CMap proposal document

Create proposals in seconds

Create stunning proposals in less time than it takes to read this section. CMap knows the key data e.g. who the client is, the scope and value of the quote, etc.

In just a few clicks, this data can be inserted into approved proposal templates with consistent branding and messaging, and a proposal is ready to be delivered to the client.

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CMap capacity vs demand reporting

Capacity vs. demand reporting

Understanding if you’ll ultimately have capacity to deliver the opportunities in your pipeline can be a huge headache.

In CMap, opportunities & live projects exist in the same database, meaning you get a crystal-clear picture of future demand and have the data to take confident go/no go and hiring decision.

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“CMap’s made us more aware of what the projects are costing us as we have the Budget vs. Actual right there. It has made us more profitable as it’s never too late to take action.”

John Haynes, IDPartnership

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