Partnerships With a Purpose

Marketplaces, industry experts, specialist providers - all working together to improve our clients' businesses

  • 10% Y1 referral fee
  • Mutual client benefits
  • Joint marketing
  • Insight & market expertise

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Existing Partners

Partner Success & Benefits

CMap have worked with a wide range of businesses, technology partners and popular marketplaces since our inception. Successful implementations across a number of professional services verticals have provided us deep market expertise - supplemented by relationships with best-in-class partners.

Partners can generate additional revenue from their network with the CMap Referral Fee scheme (10% of Year One ARR), either for the partner themselves, passed on as a discount for clients, or credited against the partner's own product or service. We also offer mutually beneficial marketing efforts, including joint webinars, case studies, events, and shared market insight.

We have a strong presence in professional services verticals including Accounting, AEC, Consulting, Creative Agencies & Life Sciences. Each market has a unique tech ecosystem and community, and partners have a range of goals, scale and fit.

Our partnerships include marketplaces (e.g. Sage & Xero), networks (e.g. The Consultancy Growth Network), complementary vendors (e.g. OpenAsset & Newforma) and specialist advisors. Similar to onboarding a client, we find with partnerships there is no one-size-fits-all approach... so talk to us about your specific requirements today.