More leads, wins & predictability

It’s CRM, Jim ... but not as we know it. Welcome to CRM for architects & engineers

Other CRMs support business models with dedicated sales teams.

"Sales” is different in architecture & engineering. Sellers don’t have a classical sales background and the sale isn’t the end of the process, it’s the start

CMap’s CRM works for the realities of selling architecture & engineering services, empowering firms to win more business

The power of integrated opportunity + live data

One of the trickiest challenges is getting an accurate, predictable view of the future

The root cause is having opportunities and live project data in different places, with no easy way to achieve a holistic view

CMap seamlessly combines demand for opportunities with the demand you’re currently fulfilling on live projects to predict future demand with precision and empower you to make the right calls

Learn more about resourcing & HR

Increase follow-up activity to win more business

Activity functionality enables you to keep notes of calls, meetings and other events, as well as set follow-up reminders for leads and opportunities

Activities are presented on your dashboard, in the CMap Go mobile app and in your email inbox, making it as effortless as possible to raise your new business activity levels and be on the front foot to focus your efforts on winning good business

Leverage your data & manage relationships

The biggest hurdle is getting contact data into the CRM in the first place… and then keeping it clean. CMap’s brimming with tools to help on this front

But there’s little point in having data if you don’t leverage it. CMap’s 360° client views throws light on the health and performance of your accounts. And customizable fields open a variety of use cases for managing the data for the consultants you work with

Quote the way you quote … and get strong reporting

In other CRMs the project “value” is just a number punched in a box. No stage/phase breakdown, no consultants, no costs or margins

In CMap, you get the “Fee Estimator”. A job costing tool built for the complex way architectural & engineering services quote

Not only does this mean you can abandon those spreadsheets, it’s also the key to achieving the holistic view of demand across pipeline + live projects

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Generate proposals automatically

With CMap Documents, you can generate documents based on your own templates and insert information into them automatically

For example, you can create a proposal document that contains standardised text and then automatically inserts things like the client's name and a costing table for the work you're quoting

Learn more about CMap Documents

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Take things further… with marketing

CMap’s Marketing add-on enables you to leverage your contact data to the fullest

Segment contacts into groups for targeted email marketing campaigns, distribute your company newsletter to keep your firm in mind, attribute new leads an opportunities to campaigns e.g. events, and capture contact details from your website using webforms

Already using HubSpot?

While CMap’s CRM is fantastic, you may be wedded to HubSpot … the good news is we have a native two-way integration

Trigger points create pipeline deals in CMap to get access to the Fee Estimator tool. Quote using the Fee Estimator to get the holistic demand forecasting in CMap. And pull the Fee Estimator data back into HubSpot to get a super-accurate, joined-up deal value

Truly the best of both worlds