CRM for Architects and Engineers

Welcome to CRM for architects and engineers. Unlock the power of customer relationship management (CRM) tailored specifically for architecture firms and engineering companies with CMap

Unlike traditional CRM systems, CMap understands the unique challenges faced by these industries. Their sales process requires a different approach, as sales are not the end, but the beginning

CMap's CRM solution is designed to cater to the realities of selling architecture and engineering services, empowering architecture firms & engineering companies to win more business

The power of integrated opportunity + live data

One of the trickiest challenges for architecture firms is gaining an accurate and predictable view of the future. Often, opportunities and live project data are scattered across different platforms, making it difficult to have a holistic perspective

With CMap’s CRM system, we seamlessly combine demand for opportunities and ongoing projects. This valuable insight empowers you to predict future demand with precision and make informed decisions

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Increase follow-up activity to win more business

Our CRM system includes robust activity functionality, enabling you to keep detailed notes of calls, meetings, and other events

Additionally, you can set follow-up reminders for leads and opportunities. These activities are conveniently presented on your dashboard, CMap Go mobile app, and email inbox. By effortlessly tracking your new business activities, you can proactively focus your efforts on business development and winning opportunities

Leverage your data & manage customer relationships

Another significant hurdle faced by architecture firms is managing contact data effectively and building successful client relationships. CMap is brimming with tools to address this challenge, but having data is only useful if you can leverage it efficiently

With CMap's 360° client and contact management views, you gain valuable insights into the health & performance of your accounts. And customizable fields enable architecture firms to manage data for consultants you work with, facilitating effective contact management

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Quote the way you quote … and get strong reporting

In contrast to basic CRM systems, CMap's comprehensive approach recognizes that project "value" is more than just a number

With our Fee Estimator, a sophisticated job costing tool, you can accurately quote complex architectural and engineering services

No longer will you rely on cumbersome spreadsheets. The Fee Estimator is key to achieving a holistic view of demand across your pipeline + live projects

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Generate proposals automatically

Our CRM for Architects and Engineers Documents feature allows you to generate customized documents based on your own templates

You can automatically insert relevant information into these documents

For example, when creating a proposal, CMap can insert the client's name and a costing table for the work you're quoting

This saves you time and ensures better project management & consistency

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Take things further… with marketing

Take advantage of CMap's Marketing automation to unleash the full potential of your contact data. Segment your contacts into groups for targeted email marketing campaigns  

Distribute your company newsletter to stay top of mind with your audience

Attribute new leads and opportunities to specific campaigns, such as events

Additionally, capture contact details from your website using webforms, further streamlining your marketing efforts and business development

Already using HubSpot?

While CMap's CRM for Architects and Engineers is exceptional on its own, we understand that you may already be using HubSpot

The good news is that we offer a native two-way integration. Our integration allows you to create pipeline deals in CMap, gaining access to the powerful Fee Estimator tool

Quote with precision using the Fee Estimator and benefit from the holistic demand forecasting within CMap

Finally, pull the Fee Estimator data into HubSpot to achieve a super-accurate and seamless deal value

It truly is the best of both worlds for architecture firms and engineering companies

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What is CRM software?

CRM software, also known as Customer Relationship Management software, is a tool designed to help businesses manage their interactions and relationships with customers & clients. It provides a centralized platform to organize their data.

CRM software offers a range of features and functionalities to streamline customer and project management processes. It allows businesses to analyze customer interactions across channels, including calls, emails, social media, and meetings. Enabling companies to gain insights into behavior, preferences, and needs, which can be used to enhance client relationships and build loyalty.

CRM software facilitates efficient lead management, enabling businesses to nurture clients throughout the sales cycle providing tools for managing sales pipelines, task management, and automating follow-ups, ensuring opportunities are not missed and that sales efforts are well-coordinated. Furthermore, CRM software integrates with existing sales software, in addition to portfolio management & project management tools to enhance business development and improve client relationships.