Manage your client relationships more effectively with CRM software

It’s CRM, Jim... but not as we know it

Standalone CRM solutions support product-based business processes & models. Selling professional services is different. You're not career salespeople, you have a background in delivery. The sale isn’t the end of the process, it’s the start

CMap’s client relationship management software works for the realities of the services operating model, empowering professional services firms to win more business

The power of sales pipeline tracking + live data

One of the trickiest challenges for professional services firms is getting an accurate, predictable view of the future

This is nightmarishly tricky when pipeline + live project data live in different places, with no easy way of achieving a holistic view

CMap’s CRM software for professional services firms seamlessly combines pipeline demand with the demand you’re currently fulfilling on live projects, predicting the future with precision and empowering you to make the right calls

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Improve lead management with activities

Activity functionality enables you to keep notes of calls, meetings and other events, as well as set follow-up reminders for leads & opportunities

Activities are visible on your dashboard, in the CMap Go mobile app and in your email inbox, making it as easy as possible to increase new business activity levels and focus your efforts on winning good business

Make smarter plays with analytics and reporting

The biggest hurdle is getting data into the CRM in the first place. The next biggest is keeping it clean. CMap’s brimming with tools to help on this front

But there’s little point in having data if you don’t leverage it. CMap’s 360° views throw light on the health and performance of your accounts, so you can objectively assess relationships and adapt your account plans

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The end of "finger to the wind" values

In standalone CRMs, the project “value” is simply a number punched in a box. No roles, rates or science

In CMap, you get the “Fee Estimator”. A budgeting tool built for the complex way professional services firms actually quote

Kiss goodbye to the spreadsheets and "where's that number come from?" headscratching

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Generate proposals automatically

With CMap Documents, you can generate documents based on your own templates and insert information into them automatically

For example, you can create a proposal document that contains standardized text and then automatically inserts things like the client's name and a costing table for the work you're quoting

"I definitely recommend CMap to other organisations. I would encourage them to try it”
Jim Heron, Chairman, Helios Medical Communications

Take things further with marketing automation

CMap’s Marketing add-on is an important strategic tool that enables you to leverage your contact data to the fullest

Segment contacts into groups for targeted email marketing campaigns, distribute your company newsletter to keep your firm in mind, attribute new leads and opportunities to campaigns e.g. events, and capture contact details from your website using webforms

Already using HubSpot?

While CMap’s client relationship management tool is fantastic, you may be wedded to HubSpot… the good news is we have a native two-way integration

Trigger points create pipeline deals in CMap to get access to the Fee Estimator tool. Quote using the Fee Estimator to get the holistic demand forecasting in CMap. And pull the Fee Estimator data back into HubSpot to get a super-accurate, joined-up deal value

Truly the best of both worlds

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Why choose CMap's CRM software?

CMap’s CRM software for professional services firms provides a centralized location for storing and organizing client data, allowing you to quickly and easily access the information you need

Improve client retention by better understanding your existing clients’ needs and preferences—and tailoring your services to meet their expectations

And with everything in one place, your team can access and share important client knowledge, so all of your data stays consistent