Resource planning software

People are the very foundation of professional services firms. We need to ensure we keep our talent busy (but not too busy!) with fulfilling, rewarding work. And we need to respond to key questions

Are we utilizing our people effectively? Do we need to hire? Are we retaining our talent? CMap’s resource management software helps you get the answers you need, all while enhancing your project management

Predict future demand & resource capacity

Are you confident you can accurately predict future demand?

Increasing your predictability enables you to make better decisions. To walk away from opportunities you don’t have the capacity for. To get a head start on hiring or reach out to freelance resource to fulfil it

CMap’s resource planning software tells you when demand drops off, so you can focus your resource management efforts on lining up and winning work when it’s required

Master resource utilization

If you want strong profits, you need strong utilization—and that means a strong resource management software

CMap’s resource management tools spell out how individuals & roles are forecast to be utilized, enabling you to make the right resource planning calls today to maintain solid utilization in the future

Confidently turn to freelancers to solve short-lived spikes or allocate resources to solve sustained increase in demand. Avoid allocating resources to fulfil work that could be delivered with improved utilization of current resource

The best bit? Any improvement goes straight to the bottom line. CMap's drag and drop resource scheduling software makes project planning and resource scheduling a breeze

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So... who've we got to deliver this?

Right, we need someone with pharmaceutical industry experience, advanced Excel capabilities, and fluency in Spanish

CMap's resource management software ensures that you have the right people, with the right skills, at the right time, with its powerful resource availability functionality

It’s no longer enough to simply throw resource at projects. Today’s client expects curated project teams

CMap recognizes each client has different requirements, which is why we’ve built out comprehensive, customizable skills & competencies functionality across employees & freelancers, enabling you to allocate resources effectively and put the right people on the right projects

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Are you using 5% of your human resources system?

...that you're paying 100% for?

Sound familiar? Most HR systems are overkill

What’s more, most people dislike them, reluctantly logging in occasionally to request time off

Remove that cost by building out the HR functions you need in CMap’s HR and resource management software, including time tracking and resource allocation features, with none of the bloat

"At the end of each month, I’m able to track future utilization and compare that to actual productivity. This is really useful for understanding where we are going and driving productivity. All of this makes me a better manager.”
Guy Wilson, Operations Manager, twentyfifty
"The resourcing feature of CMap has given us more agility when we need to see who’s working on what jobs and when they are available for other jobs. CMap’s ability to display heat maps has really been a game-changer for us.”
Waqar Hussain, Finance Director, Peru Consulting
"Before CMap, we had a full-time resource manager. Now, we can manage resourcing in just a couple of hours each week. That’s a massive time saving.”
Kiara Coen, Director of Operations, Livework Studios


How does CMap’s resource management software work?

Our beautiful resource management software collects and analyzes resource data (e.g. staff, equipment, materials) and then uses this data to efficiently allocate resources and schedule tasks, ultimately giving you the visibility you need for your projects so you can make confident decisions for your project planning.

What are the key features and benefits?

When you begin using CMap’s resource management software, you can expect real-time visibility of resource availability, allocation, and utilization. Combined with customizable reports, analytics & dashboards, automated resource scheduling and forecasting, and a set of slick integrations with your favorite tools, it’s the #1 choice for professional services firms looking to master utilization, project planning, and profitability.

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Can CMap's resource management software be used to manage HR?

Super-simple, easy-to-use, fully customizable—HR can be fully managed in CMap’s resource management software, and tailored exactly to your firm’s needs with just the functions you need.