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CMap resourcing under over feedback

Financially prudent project management

Separate Project Management systems help get the job done, but since they usually lack financial data, they fall short of helping you to get the job done and make a profit.

CMap’s Project Management tools are fully connected to job costing, timesheet, expenses, third party costs, resourcing and sales invoicing data, giving your people the full picture to make prudent decisions.

CMap budget v actual dashboard

Live budget vs actuals

Timesheet and expenses data automatically drives live budget vs. actuals for all projects, giving you up-to-the-minute feedback on how your projects are performing.

This means you’re empowered to take required action before it’s too late and ensures more of your projects achieve the profits you deserve.

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CMap story so far

Predict the future

CMap’s project “Story So Far” takes live project data and transforms it into a vivid picture of where your projects are right now, and where they’re heading.

The Story So Far puts you on the front foot to make the right calls at the right time.

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CMap activities

Project timelines

The deliverables you set up in CMap’s fantastic “Fee Estimator” job costing tool automatically flow onto an intuitive project Gantt chart tool.

What’s more, projects that you do over and over can be templated, ready to be re-used in the future and save your busy people valuable time.

CMap my activities

Project task management

CMap’s advanced task management functionality helps to ensure projects stay on track and get completed on time.

Packed-full of useful tools to help you create, delegate and track milestones, deadlines (and more), you can be confident that CMap has the functionality you need to deliver outstanding projects.

Microsoft Teams integration

With CMap’s Teams integration enabled, project channels are automatically created in Teams and Teams files are surfaced directly within CMap projects.

The Teams integration empowers your teams to collaborate, share knowledge and move faster.

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“CMap’s made us more aware of what the projects are costing us as we have the Budget vs. Actual right there. It has made us more profitable as it’s never too late to take action.”

John Haynes, IDPartnership

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