Professional Services Automation

PSA Solution for Consultants

  • Integrated CRM + PSA
  • Resourcing tools
  • Invoicing & revenue
  • Custom reporting

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End-to-end CRM + PSA

Not only does our full CRM enable you to win more business, but it flows directly through to project delivery and resourcing, giving you a single view of pipeline and live projects.

Project performance also flows back into the CRM, providing full 360° client profiles which allow you to see which relationships are your most lucrative.

CMap track skills

Cutting-edge Resourcing

Skills and competencies flow through to resourcing tools in CMap's PSA software, ensuring you place the right people on the right projects.

CMap’s resourcing tools allow you to make super-quick changes and give you instant feedback on how they’ll affect project profitability and firm wide staffing capacity vs. demand.

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CMap portfolios dashboard

Powerful Portfolio Views

CMap's "Portfolios" add-on creates collections of projects from any angle. Want to see how a particular cohort of service offerings are doing? You got it. Want to see how your new office in Dubai is performing? No problem.

Portfolios are visualised in a beautiful dashboard, getting you immediately up to date, and enabling you to make the right decisions quickly.

CMap people profile

Manage Staff and Associates

Take your people management to the next level with CMap’s customisable functionality, applicable to staff and associates alike.

With the ability to tracks skills and competencies, document performance reviews, and more, CMap allows you to make better people decisions.

CMap build your own custom reports

Business Intelligence

CMap comes with a suite of insightful out-of-the-box reports, but that’s just the start.

With the ability to create custom in-app reports and gain direct access to your raw data (in Excel or external BI tools like Power BI), reporting capabilities in CMap's PSA software go stratospheric.

CMap recognised revenue calendar

Financial Tools & Control

With slick and quick sales invoicing, WIP and recognised revenue functionality trusted by consultancies of all scales, you can have confidence that CMap's PSA software dutifully takes care of your financial processes.

Combine live project and pipeline data into a single view, enabling you to forecast with confidence.

CMap go

Timesheets & Expenses

Consultants can submit timesheets & expenses in-app, on mobile and in Outlook (yes, you read that correctly).

CMap’s timesheet & expenses functionality is much-loved by tens of thousands of users around the world.

Accounting Package Integrations

Happy finance teams are the aim of the game. CMap integrates with a host of popular accounting integrations, transferring data with simple tools that eliminate duplicate work, provide the water-tightness you need, and keep people happy.

“To date, and like so many other businesses, we had previously used spreadsheets to manage the majority of our business operations. However CMap gives an integrated approach to job costing, resourcing, time and expense management and reporting which is hugely beneficial, enabling us to gain deeper business insights whilst also freeing up our staff members’ time to focus on their key activities and areas of expertise."

Nicola Stopps, Simply Sustainable

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