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CMap dashboard

Real-time personalized dashboards

The data that matters to you... at your fingertips. CMap’s laser-targeted dashboards ensure you always have your finger on the pulse.

Whatever your role and responsibilities, there’s a dashboard for you. And with CMap’s industry-leading “Report Builder” tool, powerful custom dashboard functionality allows you to tailor your dashboards like never before.

CMap invoicing calendar

Out-of-the-box reporting

CMap comes equipped with a suite of out-of-the-box reports, covering everything from financial forecasting, to project performance, to staffing & demand, and beyond.

With CMap, data isn’t buried in the system serving no purpose. CMap’s interconnectivity transforms your data into stunning insights, empowering you to make the right decisions.

CMap build your own custom reports

Build your own custom reports 

CMap’s “Report Builder” tool takes your reporting capabilities into the stratosphere. If you’re looking for the ability to create nuanced reporting quickly, CMap has you covered.

The days of crunching numbers between multiple spreadsheets across multiple days are over. Report Builder enables you to make super-detailed reports in minutes.

Connect to BI tools

Enterprise customers receive the “Direct Data Access” service, opening a whole new world of reporting possibilities.

Whether you’re an Excel whizz or using external BI tools like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau, the ability to read raw CMap data allows you to take your reporting outputs to the highest possible level.

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CMap portfolios


CMap’s “Portfolios” add-on creates collections of projects from any angle. Want to see how a particular cohort of service offerings are doing? You got it. Want to see how your new office in Dubai is performing? No problem.

Portfolios are visualised in a beautiful dashboard, getting you immediately up to date, and enabling you to make the right decisions quickly.

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"In a nutshell, CMap works for me rather than me working for it. I can put information in easily and CMap does the work to monitor my projects and warns me automatically if there are problems.”

Chris Moore, NC Architects

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